Who says you can’t crowdfund?  Any idea, passion or vision can be realized on our platform, all it takes is the simple action of making today the day to start it. Renowned Marketer and published Author, Seth Godin, outlines 20 ways that ideas rise to the surface. The most poignant is the notion that ‘Ideas come from trouble’; that possessing a dissatisfaction of the way things currently stand is the spark that can launch the beginning.  To feel troubled about right now, or the desire to disrupt the everyday balance of an uninspiring state can actually be the positive to play the game. Scott Belsky’s book Making Ideas Happen explains, ‘Ideas are worthless if you can’t make them happen’, a philosophy which has triggered him to create productivity tools to help idea-makers harness their efforts towards daily implementation.

Each week we curate a mix of newly launched IndieGoGo campaigns that are simple and action-orientated:

Kitzel’s Delicatessen
Category: Food

Location: Washington, USA
Story: This community-minded business want to launch a Jewish deli in the heart of downtown Olympia, needing to purchase kitchen equipment and afford training for their staff.

Freedom Home
Category: Education

Location: NSW, Australia
Story: Wanting to throw a mud-themed festival lead by local youth in the community the campaign is eager to raise funds to also equip them with skills in event production, choreography and performance.

Bull City Co-working
Category: Small Business

Location: North Carolina, USA
Story: Seeing the need to create a co-working space in their city, this team of visionaries have identified an appropriate and central location for the independent workforce.

Betashower: A basic shower shouldn’t be a luxury
Category: Community

Location: London, UK
Story: With 43% of deaths in their city due to hygiene related diseases they have created a plan to build a payable, portable and scalable public shower prototype.

StudioStartup Youth Program
Category: Music

Location: New York, USA
Story: An NYU Graduate aims to create a free media studio and workshop/seminar for youth aged 13-18.