Danae/Founder & COO
DESIGN – Lovecraftian Letters 
Talk about niche.  Magnetic fridge word series product using the poetry of Howard Phillip Lovecraft – the radical 20th century master of weird fiction, who died in 1937.

Eric/Founder & CTO
SMALL BUSINESS – La Casa Azul Bookstore
This was sent to me by my mom who's a librarian.  A business woman in East Harlem wants to open a bookstore and has a match funder for money raised ($40K in 40 Days). Cool to see how people come across IndieGoGo campaigns!

Erica/Marketing Director
EDUCATION – Help Sarah Stay in the USA
This campaign highlights some of the key topics currently being addressed in the US in a very real way – how to pay for education, the disparity between opportunity for US citizens and Canadians, plus its a good campaign that's almost reached its goal. 

Kate/Customer Happiness
TECHNOLOGY – Women's Audio Mission 
Women engineers are cool, and we need more of them in the world (of all kinds to increase the pool of talent).  This is a team of women audio engineers who believe that in order to inspire more women into engineering, you have to showcase/make the existing ones more visible. They're keen to attend the Audio Engineering Society Convention in NYC. They're a non-profit, and felt the need to explain tax deductibility and the difference between Paypal and direct credit card in their pitch. 

Kat/Content & Community
SMALL BUSINESS – Good News Reuse 
Three billion cardboard pizza boxes are thrown away in the US annually.  This small business endeavors to create a re-usable alternative for up to 30 uses. They have an iteresting range of perks all with a social angle including a re-usable water bottle, providing water for a family in need for 1 year and a secret focaccia recipe.

Erin/Business Development
COMMUNITY – Homes for Haiti
My friend Laura Jennings is using IndieGoGo to build a home for people in Haiti who remain homeless due to the devastation from the hurricane. Haiti still needs help, and I'm glad Haitian people are not forgotten.

Melissa/Visual Designer
FILM – Death Waits
Watch the video and read the pitch for this campaign and tell me you're not DYING to see a feature length film done by these guys, I dare you!