In order to raise contributions, providing incentives such as perks gives your audience the motivation to feel there is an exchange taking place, not just a transaction.  We’ve highlighted in the past how framing your perks provides context to how contributors choose which increments they want to commit to.  Whilst price can lead the way for the final decision what will lead the decision is the attractiveness of the perks on offer.  Whilst $10 isn’t much, some contributors want more than just a shout out on your website or Facebook page, how about a wallpaper for your computer desktop in the case of Enter The Dojo, a comedy web series.  

Here we’ve outlined a range of interesting attractive incentives on IndieGoGo that can lure contributions:

Learn Kung Fu 

Get a Bottle of Shiraz Wine from South Africa

Earn your very own hand held beat box system 

Hear a good story about Science

Get a tree planted in your honor 

Don't forget, your perks don't have to be expensive.  You want to get your supporters excited about your campaign but at the same time walk away with a related activity that will always remind them of you.