January 22, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 IndieGoGo Film Campaigns: The Dark Side of Peter Pan & Duplicating Matter for Love


The moving picture has been given us the chance to capture stories for both entertainment and didactic value.  Here we highlight 5 film campaigns currently running on IndieGoGo with stories to share:

Home SickHome Sick – A Short Film

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Story: The debut film from artistic collective 'Least Van' is filmmaker Cody Bown's short film about Maxine, who in her final year of high school, decides to tell her best friend Clay about her feelings for him.

The Wedding DanceThe Wedding Dance

Location: California, USA

Story: With his latest short earning over 100,000 views on Vimeo, this Australian born, American raised director wants to share a love story about equality in gay marriage.

East of KensingtonEast of Kensington

Location: California, USA

Story: A sinister spin on the classic story of Peter Pan, this version has him kidnapped by a mysterious stranger and drawn into a dark world. 

The Joker Blogs
The Joker Blogs

Location: North Dakota, USA

Story: Already a popular blog on YouTube with 30,000 subscribers and 5,0000,000 views, the producers of this video series want to create more episodes and increase their audience.


Location: California, USA

Story: A young scientist has discovered how to duplicate matter.  When faced with a situation regarding his wife, he is pushed to use his invention in an unexpected way that could jeopardize their relationship.

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