January 13, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

PERK POWER: Calabash Water Bottles & Adopting Puppets!


Whether you're looking for perk ideas for your campaign or wanting to shop for a a unique gift, we've pulled together some cool perks on IndieGoGo this week:



Location: London, United Kingdom

Story: Dreamtime is a multi-sensory theatre experience using Bangla and English to provide an interactive puppetry show for 3-5 year olds in London’s East End.

Perk:  Yes you too can be Auntie or Uncle to a puppet!  Not only will you receive a sketch of your new loved one but an invitation to the show, photograph of the finished puppet and online updates of the development of the project.



10%: The Movie

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Story:  This Sheffield Doc/Fest, multi-award-winning director, Yoav Shamir wants to create a documentry film entitled 10% -  a story that explores the notion of ‘what makes a hero’ in our contemporary times.

Perk: Earn yourself a DVD copy of Shamir’s award winning film 'Marta and Luis' (2011) never released before to the public!


The CalabashThe Calabash

Location: Illinois, USA

Story:  Inspired by a water bottle seen on a trip to rural Nicaragua, Project Living Well decided to turn this age old design into a vehicle to raise funds for international water relief efforts.

Perk: Get the Calabash water bottle, a bracelet, travel journey and a digital storybook!


Teach a GirlLizzie Goes to Culinary School

Location: Colorado, USA

Story:  Lizzie wants to undergo a 6-month culinary program at the August Escoffier School in Boulder and pursue her dream to become a chef!

Perk: Receive a monthly newsletter with recipesshe's learning at culinary school including a demonstration video!



Category: Environment

Location: New York, USA

Story: This documentary follows South American icon, Kapax, determined to protect the Amazon’s water from international corporations.

Perk: DVD of the film and autographed picture of Kapax