February 11, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

PERK POWER: An Anti-loss Device & Historical Recipes from Down South


Whether you’re looking for perk ideas for your campaign or wanting to shop for a a unique gift, we’ve pulled together our weekly pick of some cool perks on IndieGoGo:


Attic Full of PuppetsAn Attic Full of Puppets

Location: London, United Kingdom

‘Not your ordinary garden variety 93 year old’ Frank Mumford has a cupboard full of film footage telling the story of the show business of marionettes and puppets.  Having played in illustrious locations such as the Moulin Rouge and Savoy Hotel, he now wants to transfer the puppets from his home in Notting Hill  to the French National Archives and have them repaired.  He’s was also friends with Josephine Baker, how cool is that?

PERK Digital download of this documentary film by winning director Richard Butchins.


The Discomfort TourThe Cooking Gene

Location: Washington DC, USA

A culinary historian heads out to the deep South of America on a road trip to explore African American cuisine and his roots, cooking along the way and looking to produce a book/documentary.

PERK You get the ‘Black Eyed Pea’ which means you will be sent a postcard from their journey and two historical recipes.  Talk about old-school!


The Man That Got AwayThe Man That Got Away

Location: Alberta, Canada

This new short film is is a 24 minute musical documentary about the director’s great-uncle Jimmy.  It’s on its way to the Berlin International Film Festival and has already screened at the world’s greatest film platforms including Toronto and Sundance.

PERK  A CD pressed with all the songs, beautifully packaged, including behind the scene stories and photos by Fish Griwkowsky and Lyle Bell.


Antilossanti-Loss by Innova Technology

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Lost your purse again?  This vital piece of new technology could be your knight in shining armor; aL is a wireless leash that acts as a chain to attach your mobile phone, wallet or otherwise to your valuables.

PERK Receive the aL before anyone else does!



Caffeinated ToothpasteCaffeinated Toothapaste

Location: Berlin, Germany

After dedicating time to his daily diary comic to sharpen his storytelling skills, Josh Bauman is now keen to print his second self-published publication, this time taking it up a notch with full colour printing and good quality paper.

PERK Get your mitts on a signed copy of the book and a limited edition art print.