Caitlin/Director of Operations

Photographing the DesertPhotographing the Desert

Location: Liege, Belgium

This photographer helps people travel the world through his photography. "I want my pictures and writings to make people feel there's another reality in this world, that their dream may be somewhere [other] than in their mind. That the world is full of tough people, weak people, and weird concepts… I want to feel it and make other people feel that way. I want people to discover a world they might live without seeing."

Kate/Director of Customer Happiness

Dear StrangerDear Stranger

Location: södertälje, Sweden

Support a true artist at work!  Anastasia is hand printing a book about her illlness and recovery, using traditional letterpress and woodcut printing techniques. 

Kat/Content & Community

The Discomfort TourThe Southern Discomfort Tour

Location: Washington DC, USA

This culinary historian wants to travel from Maryland across the South of the USA, cooking and meeting with the families who once enslaved his family.  With a view to 'racial identity healing', he'll be cooking along the way, meeting with African American food producers, working the rice fields, and exploring the local community markets, all with the hopes to create a documentary/book at the end of the journey.


Haitian BrazilianHaight Ashbury Museum of Psychedelic Art and History

Location: San Francisco, USA

This campaign seeks to fund the first ever museum dedicated to psychedelic art and and history, and to the movements going on in the 60's in San Francisco which helped foment change across the country.

Sandy/Customer Advocate

Street MagiciansStreet Magic: Behind the Scenes

Location: Parnu, Estonia

Super cool magic tricks from the Mengel Brothers – two magicians from Estonia.  They are passionate about magic and want to raise money to create TWO instructional magic DVDs!

Slava/CEO & Founder

Access Energyaccess:energy

Location: Kisumu, Kenya

Innovative, global, and ghanging the world. Empower Kenyans to create renewable electricity!

Will/UX Designer

Mustache FablesMustache Fable: Saving Sun Worms from Sun Scorched Death

Location: Seoul, Korea

Folk ukelele soul straight from Seoul. Help this “Mustache Fable” have a happy ending

Yan/Director of Product

Haitian BrazilianHaitian Brazilian Sunrise: Four Elements Video Dance Project

Location: New York, USA

"Dancing + Fire + Brazil = Beautiful and inspiring!"