February 8, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Aim to Raise a Third of Your Goal Within the First Quarter of Your Campaign Lifetime


On average, campaigns that reach their goal raised one-third of their funds within the first quarter of their campaign lifetime.


Campaigns reaching their goal have an average deadline of 47 days. For most successful campaigns, raising a 1/3 of their goal took less than two weeks to accomplish.

We encourage you to have a strong start to your campaign for the following reasons:  

  • Early success gives your campaign legitimacy and helps your fundraising reach a tipping point as people beyond your inner circle start will start contributing to your project. Aim to raise the first 25% of your funds from close friends, family, and fans.  
  • On IndieGoGo, the most active campaigns are featured on our home page, blog, newsletter and social media based off an algorithm called the GoGoFactor. One component of the GoGoFactor is how quickly and frequently your campaign receives contributions.  By raising a significant amount of funds in the early days of your campaign, you will quickly improve your GoGoFactor and increase the visibility of your campaign on our website. 
  • Finally, campaigns with momentum are more likely to reach and even exceed their goal.  

The Joker Blogs started their campaign strong due to initial outreach to their fans by posting a couple of campaign specific video updates. They raised 75% of their goal within three weeks and kept updating contributors and fans through video, e-mails, and new perks. They’ve exceeded their goal with more than a week left. 

If your campaign is already more than 2 weeks old and you haven’t raised 1/3 of your goal,  it’s okay!  Remember that every campaign is unique. We have plenty of campaigns that get off to a late start but still meet their goal.  For example, 10-Percent: What Makes A Hero didn’t have a rapid start but they managed to do a final push and raised enough money to surpass their goal just in time.

If your campaign is off to a slow start, try adding a new perk, sending out more updates, and even posting a new video.  

If you are still struggling to raise funds, check out the rest of our Insight posts or email our Customer Happiness team for ideas – support@indiegogo.com