February 7, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 IndieGoGo Education Campaigns: “Education Is Life Itself”


“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” said John Dewey. “Life itself” is a big topic, but here on IndieGoGo we have many great campaigns exploring life in all it’s stages. From traveling for the first time, to overcoming illness and death, to finally finding something permanent in this ephemeral world, this week’s campaigns do it all.

This week, we explore 5 education campaigns exploring the breadth of life’s experiences:

TwitchTwitch: The Documentary

Location: North Carolina, USA

Story: If you had a 50% chance of inheriting a fatal brain disorder would you want to know whether you had it? Twitch follows 18-year-old Kristen Powers as she goes through testing for Huntington’s disease, the progressive neurological disorder that took her mother’s life. The film aims to start a national dialog about the disease, eventually leading to a cure. Do your part and get a shout out, a DVD, or even credit on on the DVD’s back cover.

SoundovenSoundOven, Youth Media in Action

Location: New Mexico, USA

Story: Believe it or not, heroin is the fastest growing drug problem among New Mexico youth. This campaign from the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School will result in an all-original hip hop album about the dangers of heroin. The album is dedicated to the memory of Haley Paternoster who overdosed on heroin, aged 16. Contribute to and receive the album on DVD both in Haley’s memory by saving young lives.

SpainSending Native Students to Spain & Morocco

Location: South Dakota, USA

Story: Kyle is a tiny, isolated town in South Dakota, over 80 miles from the nearest WalMart! This campaign benefits the students of Little Wound High School, where every attendee receives subsidized lunch and 100% are Native American—a fully funded campaign will send 10 students on an educational tour of Spain and Morocco. Show these students that with some hard work, they can go anywhere they dream and receive some Native American artwork in return.

DoorwayProject Doorway

Location: Ontario, Canada

Story: This story takes us even further north, where a group of Canadian college students plan a dogsledding expedition to Svalbard, Norway. In case you haven’t heard, Svalbard is one of the northernmost communities in the world. The expedition is an opportunity to learn about polar tourism. And to dog sled. And to stay away from polar bears. The tour will result in great stories and a DVD that you can snag right now!

PermacultureOpen Permaculture

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Story: Support guerrilla gardening in Eastern Europe! The Permaculture Media Blog and Directory serve as resources for sustainable, local agriculture enthusiasts around the world. The campaign aims to expand the breadth and depth of the site with professional design and marketing including the building of a community. Every perk is packed with great information, but our favorite is the chance to have our own tree in the “Wolf Private Nature Reserve” in Slovakia!