February 6, 2012 · Success Stories

Exclusive Interview with So Many Wizards — From a Bedroom to the World



From an LA bedroom to the world… So Many Wizards’ rise to success in the indie pop world warms our hearts. In the span of a few short years, the band has grown from the solo project of singer/guitarist/keyboardist Nima Kazerouni to a four-piece band ready to take the show on the road.

Actually, this time a road won’t do—the band has an opportunity to tour the United Kingdom in support of their upcoming full-length album. They’re going to need some plane tickets!  As master craftsmen of intimate music, the band has some very personal perks for the supporters who help these wizards fly. Let’s see what’s behind the magic…

Q1. It’s hard to categorize your music. Your website says “bedroom pop.” Could you elaborate?
Well, we definitely play pop tunes. We call it bedroom pop as an homage to its beginnings as a solo project; my first and very simple songs were written for my dog Nico, in my bedroom. There's also a dreamy and innocent quality to our music so “bedroom pop” just makes the most sense.  


Q2. You are raising money to travel from LA and tour the UK. Was the fact that IndieGoGo works internationally a factor in your decision to use the site for your campaign?
We wanted to use IndieGoGo simply because we heard such great things from our good friends who have used it in the past. The fact that it works internationally dawned on us after we started the campaign so we we're definitely stoked about that. You guys are appreciated by many and our own experience so far has been nothing short of amazing. 

Q3. A lot of your perks are “limited edition,” rare, or hand-crafted. How important has that personal touch been to your campaign’s success so far?
Since the very beginning So Many Wizards has been all about making the experience personal to our friends and fans, and it started with handcrafting our merch and EP's. The response with this was wonderful, and we sold out of our catalog pretty quickly. Bringing these items back for this campaign has indeed been a positive factor in its success – it's the one chance for people to have these rare extra special items if they missed out the first time around.


Q4. It looks like a lot of people sharing your campaign. Do you have any tips on how to encourage your fans to spread the word?
Our fans so far have been doing a wonderful job of spreading the word. Just reminding their friends and social circles via Twitter, Facebook, and email that we still need their support is definitely going to be key in helping us reach our goal. But regardless, we are very grateful for their support. This campaign has really showed us how much this project means to them as well.

Q5. So Many Wizards? There’s got to be a story behind that…
Ha, yes. The name came to me after reading the last passage of Cervantes’ Don Quixote. This is my favorite epic tale of all time, and the main character reminds me of myself; hopelessly delusional but full of hope and courage.


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