April 26, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 Indiegogo Art Campaigns: A Shipping Container Turned Library & Brighton Beach Memoirs



“L’art pour l’art” or “Art for art’s sake” is an expression credited from a 1800’s French slogan, conveying the idea that art should be created for a moral or higher purpose.  Criticism  abounds to this day about the role of art for art, versus for the market.  What does remain clear is that it is central to the human condition to create beauty for expression and connectivity.  This will never change, no matter the advancements in technology.  Here are 5 Art Indiegogo campaigns doing  just that:

Atlas Obscura & Radical Departures present: BIKINI LINES!

Location: Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands

Imagine wanting to create a 107 m (350ft) wide dome that features the largest street painting in the world! Not only do these artists have special permission from the Marchallese government to make it happen, but they also plan on filming the whole crazy activity.  In addition, they’re crowdsourcing content by taking online submissions (design for the dome, direct the film, photograph or write!) to make this a truly multi-level sensory experience.

Building the Ugandan Arts Trust

Location: Kampala, Uganda

32 East gives visibility to local contemporary visual arts, while offering additional resources including art and design books, publications and DVDs.  Now they want to purchase a shipping container to modify and turn it into a library space for their community.

Brighton Beach

Location: New York, USA

A young photography student chooses the American-Russian immigrant community of Brighton Beach as her focal point.  Mixing video and portraiture,  Marsha Faynshtayn seeks to convey a vibrant community built on pursuing the “American Dream” and a new life.

Dreaming in Gaza

Location: Gaza, Palestinian Territory

With an invitation from the United Nations to enter Gaza and photograph its local people, South African photographer, Andrew McGibbon, is living the dream.  But dreams require international travel and covering expenses!

You & Me: The Scrappies

Location: Venlo, Netherlands

Sculpting together pieces from scrapyards, the Scrappies were initially created by an artist seeking a gift to commemorate his 30th wedding anniversary.  After requests from his wife’s friends, he continued to create these figurines themed around love and romance.

Main image courtesy of Indiegogo campaigner Puppets Without Borders