April 27, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Campaign Round Up – Record Store Day & Flip Flops for a Cause


Erica/Director of Marketing

For Profit

Location: Ohio, USA

I love theatre and have always been particularly impressed by one man shows.  This show is not only something that interests me socially – but it also premiered in my home town!

Jeff/Senior Rails Developer

Happy Feet Happy Life

Location: Washington, USA

I have not done a 2 month trek in flip flops, but I have definitely had sore feet after a few hours of walking in flip flops. I think proper flops is the way to go!

Kat/Content & Community

Last Shop Standing

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

I promoted Friday night in-stores events at Deal Real Records for years – it was where the London music scene congregated and big memories born.  This past weekend was Record Store Day across the world – a chance to celebrate this important community.  This documentary film shares insights from music greats on why record stores need to be preserved – watch the trailer!

Slava/Founder & CEO

Teaching in Tanzania

Location: Ontario, Canada

Spreading education across the world!

Will/UX Designer

Help the Ills Release a Vinyl

Location: Bratislava, Slovenia

These guys sound like a Slovak version of the way I wish my post-rock band sounded… help them put that sound to vinyl!


100 Yen/The Japanese Arcade Experience

Location: Tokyo, Japan

When I was a kid, I spent hours at the local video game arcade with friends. Looking forward to this film – and excited to get a digital copy for less than the cost of 2 movie tickets!



Nic/Marketing Analyst

MIGHTYminnow Web School :: Downtown Oakland CA

Location: Oakland,  California

As more of the web gets dominated by fewer and fewer websites and platforms, we can’t forget the skills and tools that enable newcomers to build the creative, daring projects that made the internet what it is today. MIGHTYminnow is an educational project in this vein- a web school where people can learn the tools and skills in person and hands-on.