April 28, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

PERK POWER: Sunglasses for College Kids & How to Make a Zine



Gayanthri Makes Her Album

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Born in India, now living in Dubai, Gayanthri has two EPs under her belt, completed a self-funded tour around Europe and a music video, receiving deep support from press everywhere.  She now wants to get her debut album recorded, released and promoted!  Watch her pitch video – there are typewriters and xylophones.

PERK Receive a digital download of the album, complete with artwork, two weeks before it’s released!


Blenders Sunglasses

Location: California, USA

Who knew the vanity move of putting on a pair of hot shades could actually help some high school students get to college!  Through the Blender’s Sunglasses Scholarship Program, these young entrepreneurs aim to make affordable sunglasses provide a pathway to education.

PERK New shades for the summer!


Work in A Skateboarding Video Website

Location: California, USA

Skateboarding can be an inspiration to kids everywhere, and not just because it’s fun.  This website will provide insight and educational video footage on how this street sport can be a career path for young people beyond just being a pro.  The content features interviews with skateboarding legends and a ‘How to’ video series that covers ‘How to make your own zine’ and ‘How to make your own videos’.

PERK Receive a DVD package with Dan Wolfe’s legendary film including a DVD to gift to any school or organization of your choice!


Artsquare Theatre

Raising money to provide Las Vegas with not just another space for the imagination and entertainment, this 80 seat theatre will be open for spoken word, music, classes and more.  The vision is to establish this downtown district as a new territory for the arts!

Location: Nevada, USA

PERK Ok so you get a t-shirt but it says the word Cockroach on it – plus you get a decal for your skateboard!


Jam in the Van

Location: California, USA

Their winnebago is stocked with music equipment and set up to function as a mobile recording studio. Chromeo and Ghostland Observatory are just some of the prolific bands who’ve recorded exclusively in their vehicle.  They need a new van to keep on jamming!

PERK If you’re a band and want to get filmed, this perk will give you a session in the van and some footage to take away with you!