April 29, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 Theatre Indiegogo Campaigns: The Bad Date Project & Breaking the Third Wall



Shakespeare is still the most renowned figure in theatre, but independent theatre these days gladly covers a wider spectrum of content, from bad dating to hairdressers! He told us something about life being a stage and there being lots of actors which can get very overwhelming.  So when you need some time off from the real world, you walk yourself into a dark room with bright lights and get away from the hustle bustle.  Here are 5 Indiegogo campaigns raising money to get their stories to the stage, where hopefully you’ll be watching:

Living With Henry

Location: Ontario, Canada

Having already received critical acclaim from the Toronto Fringe Festival, this inspiring new musical drama has since been invited by the New York Musical Theatre Festival this July as one of ten productions chosen to showcase.  They need the funds to put on this production and represent Canadian theatre!

The Bad Date Project

Location: New York, USA

New York might seem like it’s all business, but everyone is looking for love.  With Cupid half asleep in his efforts, it seems there are a series of bad dates to go on till Cupid knocks back his next expresso.  This play seeks to mirror these stories, telling anecdotes of funny, sexy, tragic and sometimes just plain ridiculous stories of love gone wrong. They’re raising money to fund their production for the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity this June in New York (and for the Food Bank)!

Contacting the World Festival

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

This unique festival draws together global youth performers to connect over theatre. With 5 international festivals already achieved, each year they’ve been able to bring together people from 67 different countries.  This year they need to support the travel costs of 100 artists from Nigeria, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago and from within the UK in order to take part in the festivities this summer.


Location: Los Angeles, USA

Boasting fans such as Tony Shahloub and Calista Flockhart, is set to have its world premiere at the Skylight Theatre this summer.  With an award-winning cast and a renowned director, this play is set in a beauty parlor over 40 years from 1969 to the current day.  There will be wigs, there will be hairspray but they need some funds to complete production!

Journey On: Unleash Your Inner Hero

Location: New York, USA

Interactive theatre can be daunting. Wait, you mean we’re going to break the third wall? This theatre company invite two audience members each night to step outside their comfort zone and go on an adventure!

Image courtesy of Indiegogo campaigner My Asian Mom