April 5, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 Indiegogo Health Campaigns: Health and the Pursuit of Happiness


Everyone wants to be healthy, but what does “health” really mean? Is it freedom from sickness or having ripped abs? Is it loving the body you were born with or finally achieving the image you have always wanted? Health and happiness is clearly in the eye of the beholder, and this week’s health campaigns explore every facet of living a healthy, meaningful life.

Here are 5 Indiegogo health campaigns currently raising funds in pursuit of health:

My EDS -Ehlers Danlos Syndrome- Journey by Dr Brad Tinkle

EDS BookLocation: Indiana, USA

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a group of connective tissue disorders, characterized by joint hypermobility, skin extensibility, and tissue fragility that affects 1 to 3% of the overall population. It is complex and often hard to diagnose, and this campaign aims to empower sufferers to better organize their own medical histories. Pitch in and claim a journal or other material from world-renown EDS expert, Dr. Brad Tinkle!





Hoop Injury Population Survey: HIPS

H.I.P.S.Location: New York City, USA

Did you know hoop dancing (“hooping”) is a great way to get exercise and express yourself at the same time? That’s great, but did you also know that hooping can cause injuries? Hooper and certified personal trainer Ted Brancu wants to conduct the first large-scale study on hooping injuries to better serve this fast growing community. Perks include everything from DVDs about how to hoop safely to free passes to Hoopfest in New England.



Top Surgery

Top SurgeryLocation: Kentucky, USA

Jackson Cofer is a student University of Kentucky and an LGBTIQQA activist. He is also transgendered. This campaign will allow him to complete the final stage of his long-awaited journey to manhood: top surgery. Help him get there, and in return, receive personalized perks including artwork, customized songs, a pancake breakfast, or even 50 hours of volunteer work from Jackson.





Working Every BODY one Video at a time!!

Powerhouse FitnessLocation: New Jersey, USA

Powerhouse Physiques, LLC. provides personal training, workout consultations, and healthy diet regimens that highlight the fact that full-figured women can be highly fit. Standing 5’10 inches tall and weighing a hefty 206 pounds, Anowa Adjah is living proof that curvy women can also be very healthy. This campaign will fund a DVD series to spread the word—contribute now to reserve your DVD and become a powerhouse.





Jac’s hearts

Jac’s HeartsLocation: Perth, Australia

Jacinta Stone is a 26-year old woman with cervical cancer. The cancer has not responded to chemotherapy or radiation treatments, but she now has hope in the form of the Caris Target Now, Molecular Profiling test, a cutting-edge diagnostic that is not yet available in Australia. She can have the test performed in the United States, but only at great cost. This campaign seeks to raise the funds needed to complete the diagnostic and move forward with an effective treatment.