April 6, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Campaign Round Up: Cows for a Cause & a Photobooth Expedition


Erica/Director of Marketing

Hman 2311 Heifer

Location: California, USA

This campaign is all things great….a well articulated pitch video, an amazing cause, and integrated into Project for Awesome. AND I love cows!





Erin/Business Development

Inside the Avian Mafia

Location: Mumbai, India

Help stop mistreatment of birds in India! Hard to watch but in need of support.


Jeff/Senior Rails Developer

FrozBroz Craft Ice Cream

Location: Minnesota, USA

I am sure we have all been wowed by a few grocery store ice cream flavors, but these homemade flavors will knock your socks off!




Kat/Content & Community

Photobooth Expedition

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Who knew there were ‘photobooth enthusiasts’ out there, let alone a whole convention dedicated to the art of posing in a contained box. After 9 years collecting stories and content, this artist wants to take a research trip and finally produce a biography of this kooky past time.





Raspberry Pi Case

Location: Madrid, Spain

This is a case for Raspberry Pi, a low-cost computer that was developed to help with learning computer science fundamentals, but can be hacked to do all kinds of cool stuff. For only $16 ($14 if you’re in Europe), you can have your very own case, and your donation will also benefit the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate

Death Valley Ink

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Possibly the coolest video ever. The little girl in the video is way cooler than me.






Wil/UX Designer

Help Gazan Youth Through Breakdance

Location: Gaza Strip, Palestine

CampsBreakerz is a Gazan breakdance troupe whose rehearsal center was destroyed by the ongoing conflict. Help them rebuild.





Yan/Director of Product

OWNR: Action Sports Video Platform

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

Find spots, put yourself in the spotlights and earn something everyday – “I wish this was around when I used to try to find skate spots and play S.K.A.T.E. with my friends around San Francisco – great concept!”