April 20, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Campaign Round Up: The World’s Largest Painting & Funkmaster George Clinton


Erica/Director of Marketing

Katzenbach Reunion Weekend

Location: New York, USA

What a great way to bring people back together.  Katzenbach seems like an organization that truly has so many supporters and friends its exciting to see their reunion plans coming together!  Who doesn’t love a good reunion?



Jeff/Senior Rails Developer

BamGam Buy A Meal Give A Meal

Location: California, USA

I am a foodie and love that the places I dine at could be part of a movement to support underprivileged children and their families.




Kat/Content & Community

Bikini Lines

Location: Enewetak Atoll, CACTUS DOME!, Marshall Islands

‘Doing good’ to these folks means constructing the biggest street art installation using the Cactus Dome in the Marshall Islands as a canvas.  They want to film the entire process and give 100% of profits to the Ashinaga Foundation, an NGO that helps kids from Natural Disasters.  Atlas Obscura is the coolest adventure site on the planet and they’re part of this project!

Melissa/Visual Designer

Happy Feet Happy Life

Location: Washington, USA

Watch this whole pitch video, I guarantee you will not be disappointed by the jingle at the end!




Slava/Founder & CEO

George Clinton

Location: Florida, USA

Gotta give a shoutout to my CNN interview bud!





Will/UX Designer

Location: Gaza Strip, Palestine
Camps Breakerz is a Gazan breakdance troupe whose rehearsal center was destroyed by the ongoing conflict. Help them rebuild!