May 4, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Campaign Round Up: A Culinary Tour of the American South & Storytelling Through 94 Elements



Danae/Founder & COO


Location: Pittsburgh, USA

Technology for good.  That sounds delicious to me!






Erin/Business Development Affairs

Mind Over Matter

Location: Chicago, USA

Twelve students at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy (Robert DeNiro’s film school, located in Chicago) are raising money to bring their friend and classmate Evan’s story to life.  Evan died of cancer in February and was only 19.  His friends and classmates are committed to giving life to his script.  I had chills the whole time I watched this short video.

Jeff/Senior Rails Developer

The Cooking Gene Project: The Southern Discomfort Tour

Location: Washington DC, USA

This is a very interesting campaign that explores the links between food, family, identity and community.  Take a look!

Kat/Content & Community

94 Elements

Location: London, United Kingdom

This documentary film uses the 94 elements that make up everything in our world, using them as anchors to convey a collection of stories from filmmakers from across the globe.  With an award-winning team, this inspiring visual vehicle will take you on a journey like never before.

Melissa/Visual Designer

Unstoppables: Pirates on Bicycles

Location: Barcelona, Spain

This is the most inspirational bike video I have seen in a LONG time, and I watch a lot of bike videos!

Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate

Resolution Solution

Location: Tennessee, USA

Help Scott buy a new camera and get a new photograph taken!



Location: California, USA

NIMBY is not only providing a great space for creative people, but this campaign has some great perks including plastered heads, Burning Man bikes, and more!