May 11, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Campaign Round Up: South African Penguins & Jane’s Beer Store


Bosco/Senior Software Engineer

Connie Sheu: Original Music for Guitar by Female Composers


Love it because of personal appeal: I used to take classical guitar lessons.

Danae/Founder & COO

Kat Cooks Around the World

Location: Colorado, USA

I can’t wait what yumminess Kat discovers across the world.  Plus, I love this campaign because our awesome social media guru, also named Kat, is a total foodie.  This kit’s for Kat!


Kat/Content & Community


Location: Wisconsin, USA

Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx runs Thunderzone Records and has worked with underground heavy weights such as Dre Skull and Spank Rock. He wants to get his new energy drink on the streets and in the hands of thirsty music heads!


Jeff/Senior Rails Developer

Call Out Homophobia With US

Location: Florida, USA

It really is sad that the Florida Family Association thinks that their message is helping people. They promote hatred and I support the fight against hatred!


Melissa/Visual Designer

Help Naomi Work With Endangered African Penguins

Location: San Francisco, USA

South African penguins have been placed on the UN Endangered Species List, and Naomi wants to go to Cape Town to help save them!


Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate

Skip to Renew

Location: California, USA

My friend Shane works at Skip to Renew, where they make machine lubes, like for trash trucks and tractor trailers, out of algae oil. Every gallon of algae they produce absorbs 20 pounds of CO2 (which is great for the environment!). Help them purchase the equipment and patents they need to continue producing algae!


Will/UX Designer

Mind Over Matter

Location: Chicago, USA

Evan wrote Mind of Matter during his first semester at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, but sadly passed away to cancer before producing the script. Evan was only 19. His classmates are now raising money to honor Evan’s memory and bring his short film to life!



Jane’s Beer Store

Location: California, USA

Jane’s Beer Store seems like a great place to explore different beers and tastes from different regions – would love to check it out sometime!