June 15, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Campaign Round Up: A Morrocan Windsurfer & Music Videos for Africa


Crista/Executive Assistant

Love & Desolation
Location: Toronto, Canada
Andrew has done such a great job combining new digital download formats with a love for vinyl!






David/Customer Happiness Agent

Project Possum
Location: London, United Kingdom

Awesome video, great built in fanbase and super fast fundraising – they were at $3,000 two days ago!






Location: San Diego, USA
Trickster is all about showcasing works by independent artists and designers who believe in creating and controlling their own work, their own visions and their own destinies!




Kat/Content & Community

Journey Across the Ocean
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

This film portrays the quest of a young Moroccan windsurfer who wants to adventure from the Morroccan Atlantic coast towards Europe.  Equipped with an award-winning production team who are heavily passionate to tell this story, the director is crowdfunding to afford the aerial shots that will truly convey this beautiful tale.  The video will give you goosebumps!



Sandy/Customer Happiness Agent

Location: London, UK

I love how Yossarian keeps their contributors engaged in fun and creative ways such as photoshopping all their heads on a poster!






Music Video that will Fund Students’ Education!
Location: San Francisco, USA

For each view of the “Free Your Mind” music video, an hour of class time will be provided to a student in East Africa, with a goal to fund 10,000 class hours a month!