June 22, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Campaign Roundup: Karen Klein The Bus Monitor & Coding for Kids


Daniela Kenda/Growth & Business Development Associate

The First 1 For 1 Food Company

Location: Chicago, USA

I love the campaign’s effort to provide the same high quality organic & vegan product to the hungry in each contributor’s local community. This enables contributor’s to impact change in a local and meaningful way – also nourishing their own bodies with a healthy treat!

David/Customer Happiness Agent

Mmmmaven Project

Location: Massachusetts, USA

These are friends of mine from Boston!  They have a high ggf and I think will only get higher – they have crazy reach (one used to be the editor of the biggest weekly free paper)!



Kat/Content & Community

Let’s Give Karen Klein – The Bus Monitor – A Vacation! 

Location: New York, USA

No one should ever be bullied!  We hear countless stories of young kids being on the receiving end of horrible treatment but there are older people who are abused too.  She has raised almost half a million dollars, touching hearts everywhere!


Sandy Huang/Customer Happiness Agent

Herb Warrior

Location: Berlin, Germany

I love the idea of plant-based, allergy-friendly, vegan and green supplements. Help this Berlin based company fund their first product – chocolate protein powder called [‘veʤ]. YUMM!



Yan Budman/Social Media Manager

CodeNow: Summer Training Teaching Kids To Code

Location: Washington DC, USA

“Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs changed the way we live – and had one thing in common: Access to technology at an early age.”