September 14, 2012 · IGG

German Crowdfunders: On Your Mark, Get Set, Indiegogo!


Last month, we announced an exciting partnership between Indiegogo, Google, and Stiftung Entrepreneurship in Germany called, Gruender-Garage — a crowdfunding competition for German-speaking entrepreneurs. Since then, 140 campaigns have been selected to compete, entrants have been busily getting their campaigns ready for the public, and the competition just went live!

Competing projects include everything from a wine subscription service and mobile apps to a crowdfunded magazine and a fund for health workers in South Sudan. It’s a great example of two of Indiegogo’s core values — Open and Global — going hand-in-hand. Campaigners have already started receiving contributions — and they are doing so in Euros (and on a German-language version of our site), which is an unprecedented event for Indiegogo as we continue to not just be Global, but also Local.

What’s at stake in Gruender-Garage? How about 150,000 € in matching funds from Google, which it will distribute to the competition’s most successful campaigns. All the judging will be done by our democratic algorithm, the gogofactor. It’s an incredible opportunity for German entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the shelf, gain exposure, and raise the funds they need to make it all come to life.

Gruender-Garage ends on October 12th, but until then, anyone in the world can contribute to the competing campaigns. With the opportunity of matching funds from Google, your contribution has the possibility of being doubled! Check them out at the link below, pick your team(s), and cheer them on!

And on our German language localized site:

Which ones caught your attention? Let us know in the comments!