Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


The Drip Clip: A life-saving, low-cost technology

Location: Seattle, Washington

The makers and life hackers of Seattle’s Shift Labs have created an incredible device for healthcare in developing countries!


Old Instruments Get New Life with Ear Candy Charity

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Music education is so important and this charity is linking up instrument donors with children who are excited to learn an instrument.


The Blue Boat

Location: San Francisco, California

I grew up with Derek, and he has always been extremely talented.It’s great to see him accomplishing his dreams.


The First-Ever Social Impact Bond for Conservation

Location: San Francisco, California

Do you love your state parks? Support this to ensure that the Park Department’s budget is permanently supplemented.


Taking My Parents to Burning Man: a Black Rock-umentary!

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Having taken my mom to Burning Man, this campaign really hits home!