November 6, 2012 · IGG

Red Cross partners with Indiegogo – 100% to Disaster Relief


Ready to launch a campaign to raise money for the Red Cross and support disaster relief? 

Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of people across countries and statelines. But, it has also inspired many spectators to stand up and help their fellow global citizens in this time of crisis.

We built Indiegogo as an open and global platform where anyone can raise money for absolutely anything – creative, cause-related, or entrepreneurial. As soon as disaster struck, people and communities around the world mobilized to launch fundraisers through Indiegogo campaigns, activate their friends, family and networks, and together help those in need.

In an effort to support the relief efforts of this mass crisis:

Indiegogo has teamed up with the Red Cross in an innovative partnership that goes well beyond the “donate now” button to harness the passion and social network of engaged citizens, enabling individuals to create their own disaster relief campaigns.

Individuals wishing to support Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief can automatically create a campaign on Indiegogo and send funds directly to the American Red Cross through PayPal’s Charitable Giving Fund.

In addition:

Indiegogo and PayPal are waiving fees for all Red Cross campaigns created through November 30, 2012. 100% of donations will go directly to the non-profit organization.

You’ll know 100% of the funds raised for those campaigns will go directly to the Red Cross – so you’ll know where every dollar you raise or contribute is going to.

Plus, we didn’t want to stop there. We know lots of folks are working with other verified non-profits all in support of Hurricane Sandy disaster efforts. So, we’re waiving all fees for those campaigns too.

(Non-profits raising money for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief and interested in participating in the 100% fee waiver program can find out how to get verified here)

Ready to take action? Create a Red Cross campaign now. 

Here are some examples of campaigns raising money for Sandy relief efforts:

Browse more Hurricane Sandy relief campaigns

(If you are currently running a campaign and want to direct funds to Red Cross Disaster Relief, please contact us at

We’re so moved and inspired by all the people coming together and supporting each other through this crisis. Thank you to our partners, team and community for continuing to make a difference in this world.

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Danae Ringelmann

Founder, Indiegogo