December 1, 2012 · Behind The Scenes, IGG

Holiday Gift Ideas: Indiegogo’s #25DaysofGifts


In order to celebrate the creative, innovative, and moving campaigns crowdfunding on Indiegogo as well as give our contributors some inspiration for their holiday shopping, we are transforming our usual Campaigns of the Day on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to Gift Ideas of the Day for the month of December. We’ll be updating this post each day of our #25DaysofGifts, so share it with your friends and help them find things for everyone on their list!

Gift Idea of the Day #25

Nyjah Huston’s Campaign for Charity

Location: Los Angeles, California

Professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston wants to bring clean water to developing communities.

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Gift Idea of the Day #24

uBiome — Sequencing Your Microbiome

Location: San Francisco, California

Help scientists sequence your microbiome! The more people that participate, the more scientists can learn!


Gift Idea of the Day #23

The BONSAI: Smart Design for a Better Shave

Location: New York, New York

Get a closer save while saving water at the same time!


Gift Idea of the Day #22

Connecticut School Shooting Victims Fund Started by OneRepublic

Location: Los Angeles, California

OneRepublic is raising support for the victims of the tragedy in Newtown.

Gift Idea of the Day #21

Charles Mark & Sons: Sock-for-Sock Donation to the Homeless

Location: San Francisco, California

You already have a pair of TOMS shoes — now, go sock-for-sock and help the homeless!


Gift Idea of the Day #20

Don’t send food to Haiti: Send an education!

Location: Ganthier, Haiti

With the first floor of a vocational school in Haiti complete, this team is raising money to finish the second floor and help the lives of many!


Gift Idea of the Day #19

Project for Awesome

Location: Missoula, Montana

Join the YouTube community as they celebrate their annual Project for Awesome to raise money for nonprofits!

Gift Idea of the Day #18

Olive ONE: All-in-One Home Music Player. Designed by you.

Location: San Francisco, California

From your iPhone to Spotify and beyond, the Olive ONE combines WiFi and Bluetooth to create a cloud of all your music in your home.

Gift Idea of the Day #17

TaskOne – iPhone Toolkit

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Now you can do truly anything with your iPhone, including cutting a steak.

Gift Idea of the Day #16

Trash Amps CAN Speaker – Gen 2!

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Connect your guitar or any music player to these recycled cans and let the good tunes roll.

Gift Idea of the Day #15

Paradise, Uganda

Location: Rochester, New York

Two musicians want to collaborate on an album with the street kids of Uganda.

Gift Idea of the Day #14

The Art of Glitch

Location: Vancouver, Canada

One of the creators of a very popular (and now deceased) game is putting together an art book to showcase the game’s artwork.

Gift Idea of the Day #13

Cairo Drive

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Documenting Egypt’s transition while stuck in traffic.

Gift Idea of the Day #12

Talking20: Low Cost, At-Home Blood Tests, Anytime and Anywhere

Location: San Francisco, California

You eat healthy and take vitamins — but do you really know what’s in your body? These at-home blood tests will help you make sure you’re getting what you need!

Gift Idea of the Day #11

Alter Ego: The Water Filtration Bottle with a Mission

Location: Montreal, Canada

Filter your water on the go while helping bring clean water to developing communities.

Gift Idea of the Day #10

Qii – Full sized & pocked sized rollable smartphone keyboard

Location: Orlando, Florida

Having trouble with the tiny keyboard on your smartphone? Now, you can carry around the keyboard you’re used to.

Gift Idea of the Day #9

GravityLight: Lighting for developing countries

Location: London, United Kingdom

Kerosene lamps, however cheap a light source, give off harmful fumes and require a constant source of fuel. That’s why this team developed a light charged entirely by gravity. For $60, you can sponsor a GravityLight in a developing village in Africa or India — and get one for yourself!

Gift Idea of the Day #8

Blood Brother at Sundance Film Festival

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This documentary follows one man’s experience helping orphans with HIV/AIDS in India and has been selected to debut at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Gift Idea of the Day #7

StickNFind – Bluetooth Powered ultra small Location Stickers

Location: Davie, Florida

For those of you whose New Year’s Resolution is to, “Stop losing things,” you should probably check these out!


Gift Idea of the Day #6

Spuni: a revolutionary first spoon for infants

Location: New York, New York

Feeding a baby can be messy. These ergonomic spoons will not only help cut down on that mess, but also thrill design-loving parents.

Gift Idea of the Day #5 connects your car with the world around you

Location: Vancouver, Canada

You’re familiar with connecting your phone to your cars to charge it. This device looks to wirelessly connect your car to your phone and create unlimited opportunities for app-based interaction with your vehicle.

Gift Idea of the Day #4

popSLATE — Second Screen Smart Case for Your iPhone 5

Location: San Francisco, California

This protective case combines Kindle-like e-ink and an app to give your iPhone a fully-customizable, second screen!

Gift Idea of the Day #3

Help the Reigning Monarchs make a record!

Location: Studio City, California

Whether you like ska, punk, surf, or reggae, the Reigning Monarchs will have a song or two for you, and for $15, you can help them make their album come to life and get a copy of it when it’s done.

Gift Idea of the Day #2


Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

A documentary that aims to make that time of the month a little less awkward. Perks include a signed DVD of the finished film for just $50.

Gift Idea of the Day #1

The Most Unique Fly Rod Concept Ever

Location: Nesoddtangen, Norway

A fly fishing rod that harnesses the maximum energy without leaving your arm sore like traditional models. Now you can be gone fishin’ like never before.


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