December 27, 2012 · Behind The Scenes, IGG

Team Indiegogo’s Campaign Roundup (12/28/12)


Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


SophieA Wish for Sophie

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

I know Sophie’s mama, and I know how much she loves her little girl.  Fighting cancer is not an easy road, especially when you’re 2 years old.  Let’s make this stressful period for Sophie and her family a little easier.  I’m rooting for you Sophie!


TeslaTesla in Time: The Animated Series

Location: Studio City, California

Because Tesla > Edison!


OneRepublicConnecticut School Shooting Victims Fund Started by OneRepublic

Location: Los Angeles, California

After this truly terrible tragedy it is so wonderful to see artists using their name, relationships and social media networks to make a difference in these victims lives.


SleepyAnimalsWhat the Sleepy Animals Do at the Audubon Zoo

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Have you ever wondered why the animals at the zoo are so sleepy? This book explains why, through amazing illustrations of the parties that the animals have after everyone else has gone home! This book has beautifully detailed illustrations and off-the-charts imagination. A must-have for kids and grown-ups alike!


Talking20Talking20: Los Cost, At-Home Blood Tests, Anytime and Anywhere!

Location: San Francisco, California

Easy, affordable, at home blood testing that keeps you connected to your heath. For anyone who wants to know what’s happening with their body on a more regular basis.