Gadgets, apps, and widgets help make our every day lives easier, more efficient, and sometimes even more fun! We want to celebrate all our campaigners who are willing to share their incredible ideas with the crowd. Check out some of the inventive campaigns being run on Indiegogo right now!

Stratus by Zuvo Water

Stratus by Zuvo Water

Location: Reno, Nevada

This WiFi-connected water filtration system will help you monitor your consumption and tailor your filtration based on your location, using the “Google Map of water quality,” which this team is compiling.




Bungee: Virtual Lost & Found

Bungee: Virtual Lost & Found

Location: New York City, New York

Bungee allows you to anonymously tag your belongings, so in the event that you lose something, the finder can text you, and you can arrange retrieval!



MeterPlug: Lower your electricity bill. Measure real electric cost

Location: Davie, Florida

Start measuring your energy consumption, real-time, from your smartphone!




Gorilla Door Gym

Gorilla Door Gym

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Gym memberships are expensive, but doorways come for free with your home or apartment!




Pinoccio – A Complete Ecosystem for Building the Internet of Things

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Not to be confused with the wooden puppet, the Pinoccio is a microcontroller that uses WiFi to connect your DIYhardware project with the web. API included! No lie!


Get things CentUp!

Location: Chicago, Illinois

What if the LIKE button could help pay content creators and donate money to charity? That’s the idea behind CentUp. Make sure you check out their incredible pitch video!




Amiigo: Fitness Bracelet for iPhone and Android

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

This activity tracker allows you to turn your workout into a social and shareable experience!





Tethercell: Control Battery-Operated Devices from Your Smartphone or Tablet

Location: Los Angeles, California

This device allows you to control battery-operated devices from your smartphone!


Blip: World’s 1st Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Whether you suffer from hypertension or just want to better understand your blood pressure, Blip could be a game-changer for you and the healthcare industry.


iSmartAlarm – iPhone-controlled home security system, intelligent and affordable

Location: Mountain View, California

The iSmartAlarm not only allows you to monitor your home (real time) from your phone, but it will even snap and send pictures of intruders!


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