Gadgets, apps, and widgets help make our every day lives easier, more efficient, and sometimes even more fun! We want to celebrate all our campaigners who are willing to share their incredible ideas with the crowd. Check out some of the inventive campaigns being run on Indiegogo right now!

The Orobis Transform

The Orobis Transform: Amazingly Transformative Cable for iPhone 5 & iPad mini

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

An innovative, yet simple, cable that allows you to easily transform your iPhone 5 and iPad mini USB connector into a microUSB chord.




Breezing: Portable Metabolism Tracker

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

A portable metabolism tracker that connects with your smartphone and can help you get healthier!




Buddy Blueetooth Watch

Location: Marseille, France

Control your phone from your wrist! The VEA Buddy connects you with all your favorite apps, so you stay connected with what matters most to you.




Hydrosleeve: Hands-Free Hydration for your Upper Arm

Location: Lehi, Utah

Stay hydrated without breaking your stride!

The Freeloader

The Freeloader, The Next Generation of Child Carriers

Location: Austin, Texas

BabyBjorn and bulky backpacks no more! This team wanted a child carrier that is small, lightweight, and can hold up to 100 pounds — The Freeloader was born.


Tailly: The tail that wags when you get excited

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Finally, I can have a tail that responds to my emotions!


Scanter: Social Connection the Smart Way

Location: Austin, Texas

Are the social media interaction stickers at your business not actually sparking the engagement of your customers? Scanther uses QR codes and tap technology to allow your customers to get Liking, Tweeting, and Yelping immediately!


Luci Lights Up the World

Location: New York, New york

A beautiful solar lamp to help light up the developing world. Sponsoring one means you’ll get one too!


PARLEZ App: The coolest way to break the ice

Location: New York, New York

Move over Grindr! Milly DuBouchet of LEZ Factor is leading the way in creating an app for lesbian/bi/curious women aimed at forging romantic connections and friendships alike.



iWallie – iPhone 5 Wallet Case

Location: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

If your hands are already full, then why not combine your wallet with your phone?



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