Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


LAMarathon Running the LA Marathon for Team UNICEF

Location: San Francisco, California

I am passionate about children’s rights and believe UNICEF is a great organization to address children’s rights issues.


TFM Total Frat Movie

Location: Los Angeles, California

Got to give a shout out to the frat boys! Especially with there Argo Spoof Trailer and the Oscar Win. If the movie is anything like there trailers is will be awesome!


Rightfooted RIGHTFOOTED: The Documentary About Jessica Cox

Location: Tucson, Arizona

“Look ma, no hands!”  Checkout this incredible story on the worlds first and only armless pilot!


ArtPowersArusha Art Powers Arusha

Location: New York City, New York

It’s so inspiring to see these talented Juilliard students traveling to Tanzania for the fifth time to empower young people through music!


HereticsGuide The London School of Financial Activism

Location: London, United Kingdom

Crowdfunding is changing finance, for good – both permanently and for the better. Anyhow, I just hope this Educational program in UK on Financial Activism includes a bit on crowdfunding, and how it’s truly leveling the funding playing field.  Check it out!


AustrainDeathMachine Triple Brutal – Austrian Death Machine makes a New Record and Tour

Location: San Diego, California

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Metal, what’s not to like?!


Skullgirls Keep Skullgirls Growing

Location: Los Angeles, California

The critically acclaimed 2D fighting game with an incredible artwork is looking to add new characters to their game including their first male character. Lets fill out this game’s awesome roster!


Wattio Wattio: turn your home into a SmartHome

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Smart is sexy.



Location: Mumbai, India

Chennai/Madras native Pratyusha Gupta is raising funding to cover the production costs of ‘Safar’, her graduation film for London Film School.  ‘Safar’ tells the fictional, but sadly reality-based, story of 16-year-old Gouri’s experience journeying out of the life of prostitution she was forced into at a young age.  Help contribute to getting this story told!


MartinStranka Help Realize a unique Art Book from award-winning Martin Stranka

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Creatively packaged art sized for your shelf or coffee table. Love!