February 5, 2013 · Success Stories

What are Campaigners Saying about Indiegogo? (2/5/13)


Find out what Indiegogo campaigners are saying about their crowdfunding experiences and check out their campaigns to see what kinds of strategies they used to hit their goal:

A Dream School for Village Children in Cambodia

DreamSchool A Dream School for Village Children in Cambodia

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Our indiegogo campaign was a magical potion. It gave us not only strength with the money raised but also confidence and hope and the will to go on fighting for a better tomorrow. It also shows the bright side of humanity. There are amazingly generous people out there, more than we think.” -Kanika You

Love Bomb Campaign

LoveBomb Love Bomb Campaign

Location: Napa, California

“The campaign was an incredible opportunity to connect with people about the ideas that we care about while raising the funds to go into full time production in a project that we know matters to hundreds of others. It’s like putting a face and name to the people we know we are making this for!” -Rhea Zimmerman



Location: Rome, Italy

“We crave to depend on the same people that want to watch our work. Indiegogo gave us not only the chance to find and gather those people, but also confidence to communicate them the value of what we do. At the end what counts is not that you’ve got their money, but that they gave you their trust.'” -Domenico De Orsi

The Straw Fund

Straw The Straw Fund

Location: Pittstown, New Jersey

“Thank you to Indiegogo for allowing us one central place to keep track of and broadcast this campaign for our nonprofit org. The Straw Fund made a big success for Spring Reins of LIfe (501c3) and one very special horse who gives back to society every day! Thank you!” -The Spring Reins of Life Team

WillyMiniatures’ Chao Fantasy Football Team

WillyMiniatures WillyMiniatures’ Chaos Fantasy Football Team

Location: Valencia, Spain

“We would spend years to design and casting this proyect, but with the help of the Indiegogo funders from all over the world it will see the light in a glimpse.” -The WillyMiniatures Team






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