April 23, 2013 · Success Stories

What are Campaigners Saying about Indiegogo? (4/23/13)


Find out what Indiegogo campaigners are saying about their crowdfunding experiences and check out their campaigns to see what kinds of strategies they used to hit their goal:



Location: Scotch Plains, New Jersey

“I never expected to make our goal – $25,000 – but it happened! I have Indiegogo to thank for making it so easy. They also have AMAZING customer service! I put them through the paces with questions and issues, and they were quick and friendly every time. I recommend this site so highly!” -Jennifer Harrison

Darwin Meets Chaucer Off-Broadway: Three Plays in Rep

Darwin Darwin Meets Chaucer Off-Broadway: Three Plays in Rep

Location: New York, New York

“Indiegogo helped me answer one of the most fundamental questions an artist faces: ‘does anyone care?’ When I put the call out about my dream project, two hundred and fifty people came back with a resounding ‘yes!'” -Baba Brinkman

The Last Raptor

LastRaptor The Last Raptor

Location: La Mirada, California

“We were so humbled by the amount of people that took notice and supported our film. We were unsure we would make it, but we felt that our passion showed through the campaign, sparking interest.” -Hannah Caprara

The Working Artist

WorkingArtist The Working Artist

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

“My campaign turned out to be less about money and more about relationships. It also forced me to become very clear in my message, my intentions, and my vision.” -Crista Cloutier

Discover Zac !matt! Ryan

ZacRyan Discover Zac !matt! Ryan

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

“Indiegogo empowered our passion project with a trusted platform, for effectively transferring our passion, goals, and financial needs! We were able to make lasting connections via Indigogo’s social media friendly fundraising tool.” -Corey Paul




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