Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


DanceOffCentral Dance Off Central: Challenge your friends to an online Dance Off!

Location: Burbank, California

I want to see this used as an international conflict resolution tool: Red Sox vs. Yankees!  Shiites vs. Sunnis!  Me vs. YOU!


NoMoreHurtingPeople No More Hurting People

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

A great way to support the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.


ControlTower Control Tower – Big, Interactive art at Burning Man 2013

Location: Reno, Nevada

Burning Man art project – from the same folks who brought us the Temple of Transition in 2011. It will be awesome! Nuf said.


DetroitEducationAcademy Detroit Achievement Academy: Opening An Amazing Charter School in Detroit

Location: Berkeley, California

Love how these folks took bright spots from schools across the country and resources from the local community to create the Detroit Achievement Academy!



EmpowerYoungWidows Empower Young Widows in India

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

This campaign really speaks to the core of Indiegogo…help empower widows in India to make a living and a place for themselves in Indian society.


SoccerProgram Soccer Program in Rural Zimbabwe

Location: New York City, New York

Give students in rural Zimbabwe the opportunity to play in an organized soccer program and help change a life.


HannekeCassel Hanneke Cassel’s NEW RECORDING

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Check out this fun campaign video and support the work of an established artist making her 5th album! If I could, I would put in $1,000 to experience the “Beyonce Workout” and “some craziness.”


HelpHelenGoToAlaska Help Helen GO! to Alaska!

Location: Bronx, New York

It’s so inspiring to see students turn to Indiegogo to fund service trips both big and small! Helen Reinhold is funding a trip to Bethel, Alaska as part of Fordham University’s Global Outreach program, and is giving her generous funders a unique way to share in her experience. Perks include personal Skype sessions, video and photo documentation of the trip, and of course some necessary swag: an irresistible limited edition GO! Alaska t-shirt. Let’s help Helen reach her goal!

Kate D.

Waveborn Waveborn – Shades That Give Sight

Location: Washington, D.C.

Buy some rad sunglasses and give the gift of sight.


DreamSchool A Dream School for the Village Children of Cambodia

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Having recently visited Cambodia and seen both it’s incredible beauty as well as some of the remnants the horrible Khmer regime I’m pleased to see this campaign raising money for  the  “Seametrey” school which “stands for Freedom, Civilization and Love.”  They have a great breakdown of their expenses too so you really know what your contribution is going toward.


Melvoy MELVOY’S New Album

Location: San Francisco, California

MELVOY are an awesome band that have made great progress on their own so far, releasing a debut EP produced by Grammy award winner Ikey Owens, of the Mars Volta and Jack White Band fame.  Contribute to this campaign and help them take it to the next level to record their next album in BERLIN with Strokes producer Gordon Raphael.