While Indiegogo was in Austin this March for SXSW, we got a chance to catch up with Christian Lane, one of three brothers who co-founded in.gredients — a package-free grocery store. In the fall of 2011, he and a team ran an Indiegogo campaign to make their concept more than just an idea. They raised over $15,000 from 234 contributors and immediately set to work to build their store. They had capital and a future client base.

Two years later, we were standing in that very store. With the help of crowdfunding, what had, at one point, been electrical currents passing between synapses in the brains of the Lane brothers was now a brick-and-mortar business with a growing clientele. The location itself is beautiful and well-designed — and seeing their package-less concept in-person is visually stunning.

What’s also easy to appreciate about in.gredients is the extent to which it is also a gathering place, a community center. From it’s educational garden and large picnic table area out front to its local beers on tap, people of all ages were not just buying groceries, but also hanging out, speaking with members of the in.gredients team, eating, reading, and drinking.

It was an inspiration to be in that atmosphere. Thank you to Christian and in.gredients for having us over! We can’t wait to see what they do next.

Find out more about their story in the above video, and if you’re ever in Austin, go check them out for yourself!