June 4, 2013 · Success Stories

What are Campaigners Saying about Indiegogo? (6/4/13)


Find out what Indiegogo campaigners are saying about their crowdfunding experiences and check out their campaigns to see what kinds of strategies they used to hit their goal:

The Game Crafter

ShrinkWrapping Shrink Wrapping for All Tabletop Games Produced at the Game Crafter

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

“Indiegogo provided an excellent crowdfunding platform and gave us the freedom to run our campaign in a way that connected with our community. This freedom let us create amazing perks for game designers around the world and their contributions allowed us to reach over 400% of our funding goal!” -Tavis Parker

Voices Across The Divide

VoicesAcrossDivide Voices Across The Divide

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

“Our Indiegogo campaign was incredibly inspiring. Not only did we raise more than our goal, it also created a strong international network of supporters for our film and our work.” -Rosa Vissers

LIVE From The Republic

LiveFromRepublic LIVE From The Republic

Location: New York, New York

“Indiegogo was a fantastic platform! We used it to inform friends and family about our initiative and garner further support. We were able to raise $25,000 which will allow us to deliver over $150,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment to a children’s health care facility in West Africa.” -Ibrahim Diané

zack & luc

ZackLuc zack & luc

Location: Fredericton, Canada

“‘zack & luc’ could only have happened with the passionate commitment of lovely strangers and friends. Indiegogo made it possible for them to leap in and be part of everything we are creating.” -Robert Gray

Cristina’s Braille Tech

Braille Christina’s Braille Tech

Location: Townsville, Australia

“When members of web community called Quora found out that one of us, Cristina Hartmann, was losing her sight, we all wanted to do something; no-one knew what. A campaign to buy Cristina a refreshable Braille reader raised the initial goal of $5000 within 14 hours and thereafter, almost $3000 more.” -Christine Langtree




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