July 23, 2013 · Success Stories

What are Campaigners Saying about Indiegogo? (7/23/13)


Find out what Indiegogo campaigners are saying about their crowdfunding experiences and check out their campaigns to see what kinds of strategies they used to hit their goal:

Covet Garden Home

CovetGarden Covet Garden Home

Location: Toronto, Canada

“Our Indiegogo campaign not only helped us fund a print version of our online magazine, covetgarden.com. It helped us reach out to people all over the world and raise awareness about Covet Garden Home.” -Rhonda and the Covet Garden Home team

What Goes Up

WhatGoesUp What Goes Up – Independent Feature

Location: Lincoln, United Kingdom

“Indiegogo has generated an ever growing audience for our film and shown the support that people have for independent film and a great script. It’s allowed some small names to create a professional looking film to a standard we’d never previously imagined.” -GSProductions Media

Cole and Parker

ColeAndParker Cole and Parker – Socks that Start Businesses

Location: London, Canada

“Launching Cole and Parker on Indiegogo helped us pre-sell 42k of socks, get global media including an article in Fast Co. as well as connect with microfinance and sock lovers from Australia to Norway. We made a lot of friends and connected with our first ambassadors while uping peoples #sockgame” -Diana Charabin

Learning Service

LearningService Learning Service: Improving Volunteer Travel Through Education

Location: New York, New York

“We raised more than our goal — over 10,000 for our book and videos that will improve the field of international volunteering. We shared our ideas with thousands of people around the world. 135 people funded us; many more learned about us, emailed us, liked us. We also came together as a team.” -The Learning Service team

Deaf Rocks!

DeafRocks Deaf Rocks!

Location: Singapore City, Singapore

“First time we were doing this and seeing nearly 80 people get behind the deaf percussionists was really encouraging.” -Josh Lye






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