September 11, 2013 · Success Stories

What are Campaigners Saying about Indiegogo? (9/11/13)


Find out what Indiegogo campaigners are saying about their crowdfunding experiences and check out their campaigns to see what kinds of strategies they used to hit their goal:

Sudanese students seek an education for peace

SudaneseStudents Sudanese students seek an education for peace at the United World Colleges

Location: Montezuma, New Mexico

“Our campaign was much more than fundraising, it was an inspiration to our scholars and their families. They are blown away by this outpouring of good will and solidarity. They find it amazing that individuals around the globe, whom they never met, care and believe in them.” -Helena Puig Larrauri

Help Restore Historic G. Krug & Son

KrugAndSon Help Restore Historic G. Krug & Son

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

“Our Indiegogo campaign surpassed everything we thought it could do. We not only raised more than enough funds to restore our building, we found out we had a fan base all over the United States and even in a few other countries!” -The G. Krug & Son Team

F*It Club

FItClub F*It Club: We Also Do Film and Theatre

Location: New York, United States

“The power to reach supporters near and far we didn’t even know we had was simply amazing. We literally couldn’t have run a successful third season of work without the help and support of Indiegogo.” -Allyson Morgan


MicroPhone Micro-Phone, Our Amazing Device Is Now Available With Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Tracking

Location: Melbourne, Australia

“Micro-Phone was able to achieve its goal due to the unprecedented support and assistance given by all at Indiegogo. What started as an idea became reality because of the support provided by the team at Indiegogo. Indiegogo enabled us to reach a worldwide audience and achieve our goal and success.” -Ethan Hunt

The Perfect Stroke

PerfectStroke The Perfect Stroke

Location: Okeechobee, Florida

“This is our first film together as a married couple which we directed, produced, and wrote together! We are so blessed and grateful to know so many people believe in us and in this project. Thank you Indiegogo for helping our dream come true!” -Christina Breza and Gui Agustini



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