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#gogoCA Days 10 & 11: Hello Vancouver!



Ocean to Ocean – Hello Vancity!

Friends, we made it! After 2 weeks, 8 cities, and 53 (or more?) cups of coffee, we crossed into Beautiful British Columbia for the last stop of our #gogoCA tour. Check out some highlights from our train through the Rockies, our frolics in Vancouver, our meetup with our friends at Invoke, and of course, our campaigner stories – Milton’s Secret (Film), Parked (Video/Web), Decentralized Dance Party (Religion/Dance – it needs a category of its own!), Bestie – Chinatown’s Finest Currywurst (Food) and AMPED By Science World BC (Education).

Through the Rockies we go!
Through the Rockies we go!
Vancouver's famed Science World BC -- home to the Indiegogo-powered AMPED exhibit!
Vancouver’s famed Science World BC — now home to the Indiegogo-powered AMPED exhibit!
Hanging at our fave friendly little sausage parlour
Hanging at our fave friendly little sausage parlour
A view worth traversing the country for!
A view worth traversing the country for!


A dramatic feature based on the book by Eckhart Tolle and Robert S. Friedman, Milton’s Secret is a film with a powerful message behind it. And, it’s clear the world is catching on. With over $210,000 raised on their Indiegogo campaign, The Milton’s Secret team have already cracked the top-10 most funded Canadian campaigns of all time… and with over 20 days still left, it’s clear the momentum isn’t slowing. We caught up with producers Ryan Lockwood and Stephen Huszar (and read the inspiration behind the film!) in their Yaletown production office.

What’s is Milton’s Secret about?
Milton’s Secret is a coming of age story about an 11-year-old boy growing up in an economically depressed suburb, and the elderquest of his grandfather. Milton’s troubles seem to be coming from every direction. His mother and father are workaholics with marital and financial problems, and he is being bullied at school. Fear and dread are everywhere. When his unconventional grandfather visits, Milton learns that rehashing bad experiences and worrying about the future are preventing him from finding true happiness in the Now.

Why is this film important for your community?
Here’s what Echkart had to say about the script: “I like the way in which it has grown from the original foundation of the book, and how it in a way has become more contemporary than the book. The screenplay is really directed to this time period – it reflects the challenges that so many people go through. It shows that ultimately the true resolution of these challenges do not lie at the external level, the true resolution lies on the inner level.”

Why did you choose to crowdfund with Indiegogo?
We decided to turn to crowdfunding to reduce our dependence on traditional film business interests, to build valuable awareness for our project and to offer fans the opportunity to become involved and co-create this project with us, while protecting the integrity of the subject matter.

What’s the best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?



The stakes were high: the PARKED production team needed to close their financing with the Independent Production Fund to bring their coming-of-age comedy series to life. Without $20,000 of their own money, they would not be able to trigger IPF funds, and PARKED would be, well, parked. Thanks to in-kind sponsorship, private investment, and the funds pooled from loyal funds to from their flexible funding campaign, we are one step closer to seeing PARKED on a little screen near you! We met up with creator Siobhan McCarthy, producer Tracy Mack, and cast members Sean Amsing (Davinder) and David Lewis (Jesse) at a local park (where else?!) just off of Main Street.

What is your series about?
PARKED (the web series formerly known as DADS) is a coming of age comedy about a group of friends who find themselves at an emotional and personal crossroads as they struggle to come to terms with who they were, who they are and who they need to be.

Biggest campaign victory?
The generosity of strangers amazes me. I am blown away by fans that we have never met donating thousands of dollars.

Most surprising campaign moment?
Pat C donated $1000. He lives in Australia and has been so very supportive. @bitchtude has been a wonderful backer and our most amazing social media maven to date.

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?



The DDP is a Party like no other, powered exclusively by hundreds of synchronized boomboxes, all tuned to the DJ’s custom-built FM radio transmitter backpack. This creates a massive roving street party that rages all night long. The Parties are free, open to anyone, organized through social media, powered by crowdfunding and hosted exclusively in public spaces. We got a taste of the DDP revolution at HQ in East Van, and heard more about the movement from Gary, one half of the dynamic Tom & Gary duo.

Why is this important for your community?
More than just another party, its primary objectives are not commercial, chemical, or ego-driven. The Parties are free, and accessible to anyone willing to participate. The overwhelming experience of participating in a DDP is one of extreme individual liberation, expressed socially. The DDP takes the limitless connectivity of an online community and translates it back into the physical world, creating an ever-expanding feedback loop of social collaboration and individual empowerment.

Why crowdfunding?
The integrity of the DDP rests on the applied message of individual expression supported by social cooperation. DDP participants don’t owe anyone for their fun; it is a peer-produced, collaborative undertaking: open, accessible and unbranded by corporate logos. To keep it that way, Tom and Gary have chosen the challenging-yet-rewarding route of crowdfunding to finance this uniquely positioned social experiment: these are Parties of the people, by the people, and for the people.

What’s coming up next?
The Fall 2014 release of the DDP documentary will coincide with the launch of a massive publicity campaign for Tom and Gary’s “Global Party Pandemic, AKA The Grand Unification Tour”, which will inspire the whole world to come together in a simultaneous global celebration.

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?



A friendly little sausage and beer parlour in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown – what could be better?! Inspired by German Street food, Bestie serves up Chinatown’s finest currywurst in space where Bauhaus meets Alpine House, beer comes in steins, and the high fives are always free. Looking for a jumpstart to their financing and a way to get their story out into the world, owners Dane Brown and Clinton McDougall launched an Indiegogo campaign. With their community behind them, Bestie opened to an amazing response from the neighbourhood and city – turns out, Vancouver really loves sausage. We met up with Dane and Clinton for some currywurst, beer, and plenty o’ sausage puns at the always-bustling Bestie.

Why is Bestie important for your community?
We live in a sausage deprived society. Bestie has remedied this by supplying the good folks of East Vancouver with all natural free-range sausages made locally by a 5th generation Master Butcher. Plus we opened a late night window, for anyone with a late night sausage craving.

Why did you choose to crowdfund with Indiegogo?
We liked the flexibility and support offered from Indiegogo, and the idea that not only did this help us with funding to get our project off the ground, but that it helped us to get the word out there and tell our story.

Most memorable comment from a contributor?
“You’re going to make the world a better, more sausagier place.”

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?



Science World BC, the hub of science and technology education and communication in BC, had the next big idea for their next big exhibition: AMPED, a one-of-a-kind exhibition showcasing the science, technology, creativity and craft behind the art of music. They had big ideas, community support, some gift-in-kind but no cash to build the exhibition. Looking to make this a true community project, crowdfunding was a natural fit. The Vancouver community came out in full force thanks to their Indiegogo campaign. With over $16,000 and 182 funders behind them, they were ready to build! We met up with the team in the final stages of set up for the exhibition… which is now live, and waiting for you to come rock out!

Biggest campaign pivot?
We teamed up with local indie band Hey Ocean!, and they put some amazing perks on the table mid-campaign. We had a whole new set of supporters come forward through their promotions.

Most surprising campaign moment?
Our campaign was finally rolling again in the last two weeks and we were steadily marching toward our goal, but a couple thousand short. We thought we would have to fight to the end, but then suddenly we got a huge donation out of the blue. It was in the evening (but we were, of course, checking the totals from home) — as soon as it came through we all texted each other: WE DID IT!!

What do you love about Vancouver?
The people of Vancouver love to have fun and are there to support you when you need it. We have some amazing and generous people in this city who want to change the world. And of course, we love that Science World is a part of Vancouver’s beautiful skyline!

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?



And with that (and a high-spirited meetup co-hosted by our friends at Invoke!), we close off this leg of our gogoCA tour. What a journey it’s been! We met with artists, entrepreneurs, and caring community members. We met in Indiegogo-powered restaurants, boutiques, and homes, and held Indiegogo-powered books, art, and hardware. The campaigns  we heard about varied in category, scope, and size, yet we saw a common thread in each campaigner: a deep-rooted passion for what they do, a drive to make it happen, and a gracious acknowledgement that they are where they are because of their community.

So, as we fittingly post this just after Canadian Thanksgiving, we wanted to send a big hearty thanks to you – our #gogoCA campaigners and community. Thanks for following the journey, tweeting up a storm, and sharing all of your upcoming ideas with us. We can’t wait to see what you cook up next, Canada!

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See ya soon, friends!