October 18, 2013 · Behind The Scenes

Team Indiegogo’s Campaign Roundup (10/18/13)


Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:

Ben (@gilbetrar)

Angel Angel – the first open sensor for health and fitness

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

I love the Angel campaign. While we’ve seen many quantified-self devices come out of the past few years, it’s exciting to see one so dedicated to open data, and I’m excited to see what developers do with it.

Crista (@gogocrista)

MurakamiMusic SUPPORT Murakami Music at Symphony Space, NYC

Location: New York, New York

New Yorkers, musicians, Murakami fans – get your tickets to Murakami Music’s multi-disciplinary performance at Symphony Space in November!

Erica (@gogoErica)

IpadsToSchools Help Donate iPads to Deserving Schools – Classroom Champions

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Remember the Night Train? The US 4 Man Bobsled team that ended a 62 year gold medal drought with their win at the Vancouver winter olympics? Yeah – well I do. I loved that team – and even more I love that team member Steve Mesler is now hard at work on an educational initiative helping students learn about goal setting and achieving their dreams. I love this!

John V. (@gogoJV)

NESMarathon 4th Annual NES Marathon for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Location: San Diego, California

The fourth annual NES marathon for the Childrens Miracle Network Hospital is going to stream live on Indiegogo for the first time ever! Make sure to turn in on October 19th to watch and participate via contributing to pick which games the guys will play next. Gaming with a purpose whats not to like!

Kate D. (@KateDrane)

StudioDental Going to the dentist shouldn’t suck

Location: San Francisco, California

Man, what a catchy title. Love this roaming dentist office that will visit you at work!

Liz (@gogoGlobalLiz)

TripleBottomLine Triple the Triple Bottom Line

Location: San Francisco, California

I support this campaign because it’s all about companies that strive for a triple bottom line — financial, social, environmental returns — and I used to have a triple bottom line business importing products made by women in several African countries. The Social Venture Network (SVN) is also a super cool organization led by a friend of mine, Deb Nelson!

Maggie (@maggieronan)

StudioDental Going to the dentist shouldn’t suck

Location: San Francisco, California

Studio Dental is sort of like an ice cream truck, but for *un*rottening teeth.  They accept dental insurance AND online payments in their well-designed mobile office…I am straight out of excuses for skipping the dentist.

Renee (@gogo_renee)

Pip PiP – The Pet Recognition Company

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Every pet owners and Good Samaritan’s dream! Love the facial recognition aspect of this as I see lost dogs too much in my neighborhood who just decided to go out on an adventure!

Tony (@IndiegogoAU)

MalcolmTurnbull Get Malcolm Turnbull to listen to Australia about the NBN.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Crowdfunding at it’s best – empowering people to make a difference in the world.  This campaign has had a huge response & is giving a voice to those that want Australia to have a top quality broadband network.