Our gogoCA tour has come to a close, and what a journey it’s been! We met with filmmakers, musicians, and authors; tech entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, and designers; longstanding nonprofits, community groups, and caring groups of friends. We stepped inside Indiegogo-powered restaurants, boutiques, and startup hubs. We held Indiegogo-powered books, water, and tech gadgets. We had dance parties, skateboard parties, and yes, we even had sausage parties.


Looking for some inspiration for your own campaign? Check out what Indiegogo campaigners brought to life in:

  • Halifax where we made a 3D film, saw a social enterprise in action, and tried on the hottest screen-printed tees in Halifax.
  • Montreal where we drank from a personal water-filtration bottle, measured our heart-rate with the first wearable activity tracker, and welcomed people into the Indiegogo-powered home of the web.
  • Ottawa where we took to the stage, the theatre, and the Hill.
  • Toronto where we saw sneak peeks of films, an album, a photography project, and the latest tech sensation: a brain-sensing headband.
  • Winnipeg where we we jammed with local bands and walked in style with a smartly designed cane.
  • Saskatoon where we dove into the pages of a graphic novel and a learned how to be a rockstar.
  • Calgary where we took a spin on a potter’s wheel, and watched an Olympic Gold Medal take a spin around the shoulders of a classroom-full of kids.
  • Edmonton where we stepped into the home of a resilient artist and student, and into the gallery of a contemporary art institution.
  • Vancouver where we ate at the friendliest little sausage parlour, got geared up for a dance party, and jammed at a new Science World BC exhibit.

The campaigns  we heard about varied in category, scope, and size, yet we saw a common thread in each campaigner: a deep-rooted passion for what they do, a drive to make it happen, and a gracious acknowledgement that they are where they are because of their community.

Sound like you? Share your story with us on twitter @IndiegogoCA!