November 11, 2013 · Behind The Scenes

Veterans Day Campaign Roundup: Support Our Troops!


Every year on the 11th of November, we take time to remember and honor the Veterans who have made endless sacrifices in service of their countries. After their service is complete, Veterans continue to give through a variety of companies, initiatives, and non-profits.Veterans from all over the world have launched campaigns on Indiegogo as a way to engage their communities and raise awareness and funds for new ideas. Working on our Cause Team, it has been an honor to help empower Veterans to launch campaigns and see their projects come to fruition.

So today, we’d like to do a campaign roundup of some of the awesome live campaigns on Indiegogo that are either for or by Veterans.

In an effort to further empower all service members, veterans, and their families, we are also proud to announce a partnership with, the creators of the Troop ID digital ID card, to give veterans and service members increased access to contributors from across the globe to make their ideas become a reality, and receive an exclusive discount on Indiegogo fees. Learn more and get started today!



Stubble and StacheStubble and ‘Stache

Want to save money on razors? Grow a beard! Nicholas Karnaze, a U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations (MARSOC) combat veteran, has created a skin care product after seeing the need for effective beard care products. Now he needs your help in bringing the product to proud beard wearers across the country. Part of funds raised from the campaign will be donated to nonprofits that support Veterans dealing with the mental wounds of combat. Check out the awesome lineup of perks available, including two Owner’s Suite tickets to a Redskins Giants game.

special needsHelp Our Active Duty Military Kids Get the Treatment They Need

The STAR Center is committed to helping military families that have children with special needs. Unfortunately, the cost of a full evaluation and specialized treatment can be expensive for military families to bear, especially while one of the parents is currently serving away from home. The STAR center is looking to sponsor treatment for a couple families, as well as offering a variety of perks including autographed, special-edition books.

operation supply


Operation: Supply Drop

With just over a week to go, Operation Supply Drop reached its initial goal with outstanding support. Spearheaded by Captain Stephen Machuga, this campaign will provide entertainment for soldiers deployed in combat zones and recovering in military hospitals. Help this campaign reach its next goal to provide even more entertainment and support for our soldiers when they need it most.

eod warriorEOD Warrior Foundation

After being involved in the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) community for most of his life, Lenny Lyon wants to honor those who have been wounded or not able to return at all by running 31 miles to raise funds that will support them. As Lenny says, “They think I’m crazy, and I just might be, but I can still try and run 31 miles, many of my brothers cannot. I run for them.”

These are only a few of the great things that Veteran’s are up to on Indiegogo. Be sure to check out for even more campaigns like the ones above. I look forward to helping Veterans make the most of their ideas, be it fundraisers for their division, a new product that gives back to soldiers, or initiatives to help soldiers in need.

Most importantly, on this November the 11th, remember to take some time and remember all veteran’s, old and new, for all their remarkable sacrifices and service.