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Top 5 Big Brands that Crowdfunded on Indiegogo of 2013


Indiegogo Top 5 of 2013


Project Drive InLocation: Santa Monica, California

There are currently 368 drive-in movie theaters in the United States and most of them have yet to make the expensive switch to digital projection. In order to help save as many of these American icons as possible, Honda started Project Drive-In to raise awareness, as well as funds, to upgrade drive-in theaters around the country. The campaign raised nearly $56,000 from over 1,300 people and Honda distributed projectors to keep the tradition from going dark.

DC Entertainment

We Can Be HeroesLocation: New York, New York

This year, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment launched three wildly successful “We Can Be Heroes” campaigns to raise funds and awareness for the hunger crisis in Africa. They have partnered with nonprofits Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps to maximize the impact of every dollar raised. Their perks ranged from meeting Geoff Johns and Gary Frank to Bat Belt Dispensers and a mural painted by Jim Lee. Altogether, the campaigns raised a total of more than half-a-millon dollars to make a serious impact on the world.


CanonicalLocation: London, UK

This summer, Canonical — the UK company behind Ubuntu — took to Indiegogo to raise $32 million using our Fixed (all or nothing) funding model in order to gauge demand for the Ubuntu Edge mobile phone. If fully funded, the Ubuntu Edge would have become the most cutting-edge device of its kind on the market with the power of a desktop computer in your pocket. The organization raised nearly $13 million, making the campaign the largest of all time and revolutionizing the mobile technology and crowdfunding industries over the course of just under a month.


PhilipsLocation: United States

This year, Philips partnered with Indiegogo to launch the Philips Innovation Fellows Competition, which challenged people around the world with innovative ideas to launch campaigns on Indiegogo and compete for a $60,000 prize and trip to the Philips US headquarters. Maji, a new IV saline solution to prevent deaths from Cholera in disaster areas around the world recently became the winner as part of this first-of-its-kind partnership.


99designsLocation: San Francisco, California

The Philippines is home to one of the most active and talented designer communities of 99designs, one of the largest web-based graphic design marketplaces in the world. 99designs matched contributions to their campaign and sent funds directly to the American Red Cross Typhoon Appeal, together giving over $20,000 to the Philippines for Typhoon Haiyan relief.





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