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Top 5 Crowdfunded Films Coming to a Theater Near You of 2013


Indiegogo Top 5 of 2013

Milton’s Secret

Milton's SecretLocation: Vancouver, Canada

Best-selling author Eckhart Tolle teamed up with the producer of What Dreams May Come to adapt his book “Milton’s Secret” into a feature-length film. The story follows a stressed-out 11-year-old boy who has a transformational interaction with his grandfather. With over $300,000 raised in the campaign, the team behind it is now on phase two of the project and is “beginning to cast other lead roles, secure pre-sales of the film, as well as close the rest of our equity financing.”

Life Itself

Life ItselfLocation: Chicago, Illinois

Roger Ebert was a film icon that changed cinema forever and showcased his tenacity in the face of personal adversity like no other. Inspired by Ebert’s life, Director Steve James is raising money for the post-production of his film, Life Itself, a feature documentary based on Roger Ebert’s memoir. The executive producer and instrumental player in pushing out the word about this campaign is no other than Martin Scorsese. The film has raised more than $90,000 so far, will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival and their campaign will be live until December 20, so there is still time to snatch the perk that will enable you to see the documentary before everyone else will!

Little Favour

Little FavourLocation: London, UK

Little Favour is an exclusive short film directed and written by Patrick Victor Monroe. The production team behind it came to Indiegogo in May with a £25,000 goal, yet in just 11 days they were able to more than triple that sum. Benedict Cumberbatch — the villain in this summer’s Star Trek — stars in this spy-thriller short film alongside Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ Nick Moran. The movie went live on iTunes in November, so even if you didn’t get to catch this campaign live, you get to see the finished product that came of it.

Genesis 3D Movie

Genesis 3D MovieLocation: Pensacola, Florida

Regardless of your own beliefs on the creation of the universe, we can all agree that there aren’t that many movies that showcase this story in an interactive and informative manner. To fill that void, Director Ralph Strean started a campaign to bring the Genesis account of our origins to the big screen in stunning, stereoscopic 3D. Movies such as this usually need millions of dollars to be produced, but the team behind Genesis 3D would have been able to make it happen with its goal of only $150,000. With the movie more than halfway done now and the campaign raising $272,359 at its completion, they expect to release Genesis 3D to the public by mid-2014.

Thunder Road

Thunder RoadLocation: Los Angeles, California

With military suicides continuing to rise in the US, the team of filmmakers behind Thunder Road decided to make an epic war drama that explores what it is really like to come home from conflicts in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Their main goal is to make PSTD less of a silent epidemic, and more of a disorder that we can openly talk about to find ways to better cope with it. They were able to surpass their goal of $250,000 dollars back in October, so you can expect Thunder Road to come to life and start a conversation that will affect many of our heroes worldwide.


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