December 17, 2013 · Behind The Scenes

Top 5 Campaigns To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution of 2013


Indiegogo Top 5 of 2013

PUSH: The first fitness tracking device that measures strength

PUSHLocation: Toronto, Ontario

There are many activity trackers that you can buy, but none that will allow you to measure strength and prevent injuries as you lift weights. That was true until the team behind PUSH crowdfunded over C$133,000 through Indiegogo! This revolutionary bracelet measures your force, power, and velocity, to create personal recommendations for your weight lifting routine that will take you to the next fit level in an injury-free way.

Going to the dentist shouldn’t suck

Mobile Dental OfficeLocation: San Francisco, California

Let’s face it, most of us associate going to the dentist with an inconvenient, yet necessary evil, which prevents us from going to the dentist as often as we need to. With their dental and business expertise, Dr. Sara Creighton and Lowell Caulder have set out to completely redesign this experience by crowdfunding the first ever mobile dental office! They will handle all insurance logistics online for you, they hired an award-winning firm to give the truck a professional cozy design, and more importantly, they will come to you as opposed to the other way around. What is your excuse now for not going to the dentist?

Beddit – Automatic sleep and wellness tracker

BedditLocation: Saratoga, California

In order to function on our day to day, we need to make the most out of our sleep. 4,000 funders contributed over half-a-million dollars to fund an all encompassing solution that snoozes all other sleeping apps and products and is called Beddit. Beddit is comprised of an ultra thin film sensor that you place under your sheet to seamlessly track your sleep quality, heart rate, and breathing while you sleep. It also provides you a coach, in the form of an app, that will give you recommendations to improve your sleep and wellness. You can even pre-order it on today.

$9 ARDUINO Compatible STARTER KIT – Anyone can learn Electronics

ARDUINOLocation: Orlando, Florida

Have you secretly wanted to learn electronics but have been put off by the associated expenses and difficulty? Many people, or to be more exact, at least 7,017 people, felt that way last year until they discovered an Indiegogo campaign that produced a super affordable Arduino-compatible board for only $9 dollars. Now, they have started their journey to exploring the world of electronics.

SIGMO: Talk and understand in more than 25 languages

SIGMOLocation: San Francisco, California

I’ll bet you that up there in your New Year’s Resolutions there is an item that involves traveling more. However, later in the year you might realize that you can’t got to X location since you didn’t accomplish your other New Year’s resolution of learning Y language. Surpassing its crowdfunding goal by 16 times, Sigmo will bail you out of this conundrum as it is a revolutionary voice translating device that you can easily attach to your neck and that will enable you to communicate and understand other languages. Contributors can expect their Sigmos in January 2014 just in time to get started.


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