Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention.

Here’s what they were talking about this past week:

Radical Social Work & Anti-Racism Dialogue

Radical Social WorkLocation: Berkeley, California
“This is my roommate’s campaign who is raising funds for a workshop/dialogue she and her classmates are hosting for first year MSW students at CAL.” – Brittany U.

Fangirl Quest

Fangirl QuestLocation: Cardiff, United Kingdom
“Two fangirls travel to different film locations from their favorite shows and movies and take sceneframe photos. It’s so geeky and wonderful and beautiful, and I absolutely love everything about it.”
– Ashley M.D. (@ashlaf)

Heating the Rez

Heating the RezLocation: Fort Yates, North Dakota
“Due to an extremely deadly winter on the Northern Plains, a winter which has claimed the life of a tribal member, they are raising funds to deploy 20 home-pilot projects to receive multi-fuel stoves and replace dependency on fossil fuels (namely propane) to heat homes.” – Pam M.

The Smart Lid: A Heat Sensitive Coffee Lid

The Smart LidLocation: Sydney, Australia
“Finally, an easier way to know ahead of time if you’re going to burn your mouth on scalding hot coffee! Reminds me of the old-school hyper-color t-shirts from the 80’s…wait, I think I just dated myself.” – Bret H. @gogobret)


MicrobirthLocation: Brighton, England
“Technology is often thought as our friend, but now we’re wondering what we’re putting into our food through GMOs. What about what we put into our children before they’re born?”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)

FitKnix: High-tech athletic underwear

FitKnixLocation: Toronto, Canada
“Ladies, it’s time to upgrade our knickers! The high-tech FitKnix will keep you at the top of your game during your workouts, and you can help this female-led startup bring a game-changing product into the world!” – Ayah N. (@indiegogoCA)

Life’s Work: Curing Disease in America

Life's WorkLocation: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“A group of doctors from Pittsburgh have seemingly found a potential cure for Type 1 Diabetes. These guys have been documenting the journey and have some cool aspects of their pitch video. Well done with some really interesting content behind them. Plus, this is the first of a couple campaigns they are looking to run. Yay, repeat campaigners!”
– Stefan K.

QuantumDX The Future

QuantumDXLocation: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
QuantumDX has created a handheld device that not only diagnoses Malaria but also tells health professionals which drugs their patients are resistant to. Even my mum contributed to this campaign!”
– Anastasia.E (@indiegogoUK)

The Bum Project

The Bum Project Location: Melbourne, Australia
“I was hooked by the hilarious pitch video. Can’t wait to see what the actual documentary will be like. There may even be an interview with Sir Mix-a-lot!”
– Orly S. (@orlyreine)

Help Build Izzy a Safe Sensory Play Space

IzzyLocation: Melbourne, Australia
“Touching story about a mum trying to build a sensory play space and cubby for her beautiful daughter that has been burnt and blinded as a result of Stevens-Johson syndrome.”
– Tony B. (@indiegogoau)