Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention.

Here’s what they were talking about this past week:

Love & Bananas

Love & BananasLocation: Los Angeles, California
“One woman’s mission to save an abused elephant in the jungles of Cambodia simply cannot be denied in this touching documentary.”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)

QuantumDX The Future

QuantumDXLocation: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
“This device could change the way we diagnose and treat diseases. Everything from Cancer to Malaria to the common cold. ”
– Anastasia.E (@indiegogoUK)

It’s Time for R-Evolution

It's Time for R-EvolutionLocation: San Francisco, California
“Bliss is on Treasure Island, and I was completely in love with Truth is Beauty at Burning Man 2013. My friend Ping did the LEDs for her! R-Evolution is the third sculpture in the series and pretty different from the previous two. Her stance is very powerful.”
– Judy T. (@judytuna)

East Bay Ray’s Wrist and Music

East Bay Ray's Wrist and MusicLocation: Oakland, California
“I grew up loving the music of the Dead Kennedys. Their original co-founder and guitarist needs help to pay for his carpal tunnel surgery. The perks include his great new album.” – Genevieve C. (@genbynight)

LithiumCard: The HyperCharger

LithiumCard: The HyperChargerLocation: Mountain View, California
“Be everyone’s best friend with this credit card sized phone charger.” – Kate D. @katedrane)

Fangirl Quest

Fangirl QuestLocation: Cardiff, United Kingdom
“I love the motivation behind this campaign. These two girls are true TV & film fans!”
– Kristen K. (@therealkkon)

The Flight Deck: Launch a Shared Performance Venue & Arts Space in Oakland!

The Flight Deck: Launch a Shared Performance Venue & Arts Space in Oakland!Location: Oakland, California
“When The Flight Deck opens it will be the only dedicated dance/theater venue in Downtown Oakland. So cool–help make it happen!”
– Maggie R. (@maggieronan)

MI OLA. Making the Beach Better for Women Everywhere

Life's WorkLocation: New York, New York
“I love the bathing suits and wants to support a startup that’s changing bikinis.”
– Jordan R. (@jrozs)


SunSpriteLocation: Cambridge, Massachusetts
“Because you can never get too much sun, and when you are working long days, sometimes you forget to spend some time outside!”– Stefan K.

Bpeace: More Jobs Means Less Violence

BpeaceLocation: New York, New York
“I’m running this campaign as a long time volunteer for Bpeace, an amazing organization that helps women grow their businesses in places like Afghanistan and Rwanda so they can hire more employees and create stability for families and communities. More jobs means less violence – Bpeace!”– Liz W. (@gogoglobalLiz)

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