Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention.

Here’s what they were talking about this past week:

Beacon Pack

Beacon PackLocation: San Jose, California
“An incredible campaign to deliver education to rural parts of Ghana via wi-fi backpacks. A very inspiring initiative to deliver STEM education in developing countries and definitely worth a contributions.”
– Anastasia E. (@indiegogoUK)

Wayka – Community Newspaper

WaykaLocation: Lima, Peru
“Wayka will be the first free community newspaper in Lima, Peru. It will be an independent newspaper geared towards social justice and the first to be distributed through the metro system. It will provide an outlet for underrepresented communites of Peru.”
– Erika H. (@erikahoyle)

A Night to Remember Prom

Night to Remember PromLocation: San Diego, California
“Because everyone deserves that special prom night. Plus, this has become an annually crowdfunded event on Indiegogo!”
– Alisa C. (@alisacordesius)


TowerLocation: Austin, Texas
“A stark documentary detailing what many now see as the first school shooting, and how decades later one grim day still haunts the survivors.”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)

The Scent of Fish Sauce

The Scent of Fish SauceLocation: Austin, Texas
“With a similar background as the director (coming to the US from Asia for school several years ago), I was immediately enchanted by the trailer and the themes of this film. Exploration of any kind of human connections (particularly cross-cultural) through creative genres always catches my eyes as well.”
– Ruika L. (@RuikaLin)

Toilets for People!

Toilets for PeopleLocation: Brooklyn, New York
“Bring composting toilets to the developing world!”
– David A. (@memorymansions)

‘Radical Reconciliation’ Project

Radical Reconciliation' ProjectLocation: Brighton, United Kingdom
“Hard to argue with this! When it comes to poverty, race and class, there is a real problem. Sir Nelson Mandela’s life work isn’t finished. We have to carry it on.” – Liz W. (@gogoGlobalLiz)


SOARLocation: San Francisco, California
“SOAR is a whimsical animated short about a girl who meets a tiny pilot who has dropped out of the sky. It’s inspiring to catch a glimpse of what over 100 students have created in one of the largest film collaborations at the Academy of Art.” – Jamie K.

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