Here are just a few of the campaigns that the team at Indiegogo HQ is talking about this week. Which one are you most excited about?

On the Rise

Salem, MA

“I am fascinated by people, like Andy and Jackie King, who dedicate themselves to honing their craft. If you liked Jiro Dreams of Sushi, you’ll love this campaign and it’s beautiful video of Andy and Jackie sharing their passion for artisan baking.”
– Jamie K. (@kong_jamie)

United We Stand Fest 2015

Los Angeles, CA

“Who wouldn’t want to support progressive music and politics? $15K in 15 days – help make it happen!”
– Alisa C. (@alisacordesius)


London, UK

“If you’re an active person, you likely appreciate the discomfort of messing up your neck. I’m excited about this campaign because I’ve made my own improvised version of Necksaviour at least a dozen times, and I can’t wait to have a go-to product that’ll work effortlessly!”
– AJ E. (@indiegogo)

Sam and Amira

Los Angeles, CA

“This campaign is run by a veteran who made it his mission to break into film after leaving the army. Because of his service experience, he’s able to tell unique, powerful stories about veterans – a great one to support around Memorial Day.”
– Jerry N. (@jneed)

New Matter

Pasadena, CA

“New Matter’s MOD-t makes 3D printing as easy as downloading an app! I can’t wait to send my friends physical objects instead of texts.”
– Rachel A. (@therja)

Art Bots

Harelbeke, Belgium

“Google selected and supports a handful of organizations in the science and engineering space. This one is organizing an international robot building session for kids around the world!”

Prime: The Hangover Preventing Supplement

Long Beach, CA
“Because hangovers are no fun! This campaign exhibits a young, eager entrepreneuiral spirit that I find totally intoxicating – pun very intended.”
– Mike M. (@gogomikemcg)
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