May 30, 2014 · Behind The Scenes

Indiegogo and Solar Roadways: Funding a Future that Runs on Sun


Solar Roadways 1

Solar Roadways‘ Indiegogo campaign hit a major milestone by reaching its funding goal of 1 million dollars over the Memorial Day weekend – and it didn’t stop there. To date, the project – which aims to provide clean energy to the world by taking smart solar panels quite literally to the streets – has exceeded its goal by 67% and counting.

Campaign owners Scott and Julie Brusaw began work on the project in 2006, a full two years before Indiegogo was founded. Although the husband and wife team received two phases of funding from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, investments are scarce for those who don’t live in a financial hub and meet the myriad requirements of the current system’s financial gatekeepers. The Solar Roadways project is revolutionizing technology, and the science behind such advancements is expensive. That their campaign is thriving in Sagle, Idaho – a 1,000 mile drive from the heart of Silicon Valley – is an exciting prospect.

Scott and Julie’s story is a testament to the importance of crowdfunding. We at Indiegogo believe in a future where the power to decide what ideas become a reality lies in the hands of an invested global community. Just look at what’s possible when anyone, anywhere can pitch their cause: it has the potential to become a movement.

Individuals from 42 countries and all 50 of the United States have shown their enthusiasm for smart roadways, and with more than 38,000 funders, Solar Roadways connected with the most contributors an Indiegogo campaign has ever seen.

Solar Roadways 2

There’s no knowing what great new idea is on the horizon.

Until the next one, go roadways go!

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