We’re pretty excited about a lot of great campaigns this week at Indiegogo HQ. Here are just a handful of the ones that have us talking:


New York, NY

“The iMacompanion gives easy access to a front USB 3.0 port without compromising the beautiful, clutter free design of the iMac. I want one.”
– Evan C. (@ecohen16)

Epilepsy Foundation – SAMi

Landover, Maryland
“Many epilepsy caregivers either don’t know when nighttime seizures occur, or they lose a lot of sleep laying awake waiting for one. SAMi is a sleep activity monitor so caregivers know when unusual movements occur during the night.”
– Pam M. (@indiegogo)

Who Cares?

Washington, DC
“Brazilian filmmaker Mara created this piece that experienced a lot of momentum in her home country. Through this campaign, she wants to share that excitement with the world!”
– Bre D. (@indiegogocause)

A Story Unwritten

Barcelona, Spain

“When living in France, I was shocked both by the difficult living conditions of the Roma community and France’s repeated expulsions of Roma groups. Let’s get this documentary about their life, music, and culture made so we can learn more about the community and encourage fairer treatment.”
– Orly S. (@orlyreine)


Tel Aviv, Israel

“Sensibo lets you adjust your air conditioner from your phone and also saves energy by 40%. Perfect for the summer – and the campaign video is priceless.”
– Rachel A. (@therja)

Team Marco Polover

New York, NY
“3 adventurous souls are driving 10,000 miles across the planet to raise money for Global Glimpse, which provides life-changing global education to high school students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Count me in!”
– Seth M. (@SethMinard)

On The Bride’s Side

Milano, Italy

“It’s hard to imagine what life must be like in Syria these days… this looks like an incredible documentary about a heroic story of a small group of people who forge a wedding procession to help victims escape the madness of civil war. It’s like a modern version of the Great Escape – at once both horrifying and captivating.”
– Bret H. (@gogobret)


Los Angeles, CA

“If you appreciate clones and female directors, then this project out of the American Film Institute (AFI) is for you!”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)

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