Indiegogo and Bloody Disgusting
October 3, 2014 · IGG

Beware: We’re Dedicating a Full Month to Horror Films


Indiegogo and Bloody Disgusting

Muah ha ha. It’s October, which means crisp leaves and air to match. It’s also home to one of our favorite holidays: Halloween—not to mention the start of a new partnership with Bloody Disgusting, a website dedicated to all things horror. To honor the affair (and heck, the holiday, too), we’re designating the entire month of October to horror films. Follow along with #HorrorMonth, and each week you’ll find blog posts from film-industry insiders, starting with this one from Brad Miska, aka Mr. ‘Bloody Disgusting,’ himself.


Horror. Genre. Slasher. Monsters. Zombies. Ghosts. Vampires. Werewolves. Possession. Exorcism. Creepies and the crawlies. These are things that I love and have always loved. When my partner Tom Owen and I founded in 2001, the site was born from a passion for these types of films and creative projects. Since then we’ve been on the front lines watching and admiring the modern evolution of independent filmmaking, gaming and digital content creation.

From Ti West to Adam Wingard, Bloody Disgusting has been leading the charge in discovering up and coming talent, and we have also bared witness to the ever-changing business model for these young filmmakers. Sure, it’s cheaper to make a genre film than say a movie like THE AVENGERS, but does that mean it’s any less difficult?

HELL no!

We’ve built our brand based on the community experience, and are part of what we believe is a lifestyle (not just a mere obsession). Indiegogo is revolutionizing this communal experience, which is why Bloody Disgusting has for the first time decided to partner with a crowdfunding platform intent on discovering kickass new content so we can promote it and support it–something that we absolutely love doing.

To be Crystal-Lake clear, this isn’t just about film, it’s about music, it’s about gaming, it’s about art—it’s about Gwar Bars and Persian Vampire Westerns. Whoever you are, whatever you do: If you’re making something awesome, we want to help you birth those babies–get them funded, and then help get the word out.

We’ve been privileged to already partner with a number of amazing projects that will launch later this month on Indiegogo. We love ’em and we know you’ll love them too. What are they? Well, that would be ruining the surprise!

How will this work? Head here to apply to be part of the curated Bloody Disgusting partner page. Myself and the Bloody staff will personally vet each submission, and choose only the very best projects to support. We’ve built a keen eye for talent over the years, and we’re determined to only share and promote the projects and creators that not only we believe in, but also which we know you will believe in.

Here we are in the first days of October, our favorite time of year. So many things to do, so little time before the big day on the 31st. Things just got a little more interesting, and we’re incredibly excited by this collaboration with Indiegogo, to take next steps in the horrorverse together.

Signed with blood,

Brad Miska, aka “Mr. Disgusting”

Editor-in-Chief, Bloody Disgusting

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